If you're into "Survivor", here's your link to the latest webpostings of the newest winner.  
And here's the main, more general link.  
I wasn't into this one for the first time in all of them, but the last 3-4 episodes got me. You really should check this out if you've watched the other ones.  
Congrats to ... ok I won't say.
Burnett always pulls it out!
Birdieguy: I was less into this one than any of the others. UNTIL The episode where Sarge got the boot.  
Suddenly I had a favortie, and then he got the boot. From then on, this game was the best of any Survivor so far.  
I actually friggin shed tears.
FuzzyDave: Dear God, why didn't anyone tell Twila that wearing The Mullet From Hell is not the way to stop people from laughing at her?