D&D for Christians
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Holy Lands is THE Christian RPG (role-playing game)! It’s the medieval pen-and-paper adventure game that puts your character against the demons, devils, and sorcerers who want to destroy the medieval church. You must use your character’s prowess, wits, and faith to fight the evil enemies of God and the enemies of the medieval kingdoms. Are you up for the challenge? Find out in this smart and fast-paced game of faith and adventure!  
The distinctions between Holy Lands and other RPG's (role-playing games) are its keys to excellence. First of all, Holy Lands stands alone because its fundamental ideal is based upon the Christian principle that morality is 'black-and-white'. Holy Lands has the boldness to distinguish virtue from evil! Other games keep things vague or 'gray' because that is how we understand it in our world; it gives the illusion of realism. But Holy Lands "goes for the throat" by calling evil EVIL and even kind-of-evil EVIL.  
I knew there had to be something like this out there. Rather than casting spells, you apparently have "miracles" with some amount of charges. I might just have to buy this for myself.. It's just too good.
TheNATTeam: "Holy Lands stands alone because its fundamental ideal is based upon the Christian principle that morality is 'black-and-white'. "  
you are clearly immoral. no, seriously incorrect in making a blanket statement and generalisation about Christianity.  
christains are not all the same,  
we dont all look the same  
nor subscribe to the same ideals.  
with the statements that are done on christians on linkfilter, put it this way, if they were said on blacks , you'd not get away so easily without rebuttals or offense being taken.  
btw, not assuming you meant the above quoted statement in a bad way.  
all the best.
DonkaWechico: Uhhhh.... dude. I was quoting the site. My own comments are always italicized.
DonkaWechico: And I happen to be a Christian myself, which is why I thought that quoted statement was particularly funny/offensive. I hope you weren't the 1-voter for this ;)
Buy Holy Lands
rof rof: and let's hunt some devils!  
no comment
DonkaWechico: Another favorite line of mine.
TheNATTeam: fine, then i fecked up for i'd no idea of your italics rule.  
( and you fecked up as i am not a dude)  
lets just call it a wash, or we can wash together.
DonkaWechico: I honestly didn't mean to sound annoyed, so my apologies if I did. I knew it was just an honest mistake. My "italics rule" is based on a general pattern I see on LF where the "odd formatting out" (usually italics) is user-comment.  
Sorry about the gender mix-up. I assumed by the Bowie avatar that you were a guy. If it helps, I probably would have said "dude" anyway just because I don't assign the word a gender anymore.  
Oh, and I hope you realized the "funny/offensive" thing was in reference to when I first saw the line you quoted on the Web page, before I posted it. I really have problems with their interpretation of Christian ethics. I think it's naive of Christians to think that it's an "illusion" to consider shades of right and wrong realistic. I don't think God could be completely just or merciful without seeing those shades, and if "sort of evil" is EVIL, then there isn't a good soul on earth. I just don't agree that that's the case.  
Anyway, consider us washed.
TheNATTeam: damn! Thats Bowie???! no wonder she is so pretty, lol. Now i need to change my avatar. feck , feck, feck, feck !  
TheNATTeam: done,begrudgingly yet enlightened.:-)
DonkaWechico: BWAHAhahaHAhahaha!  
Glad I could enlighten you :) However, the Bowie avatar was one of my favorites here on LF. I love that guy.