The first time we toured with the Beastie Boys was the Raising Hell tour in 1986: Run-DMC, Whodini, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys. We were playing the Deep South -- Crunkville, before there was crunk -- and it was just black people at those shows. The first night was somewhere in Georgia, and we were thinking, "I hope people don't leave when they see them." But the crowd loved them, because they weren't trying to be black rappers. They rapped about shit they knew about: skateboarding, going to White Castle, angel dust and mushrooms. Real recognizes real.
spoon: I'm on the run the cops got my and right 'bout now its time to have some fun...
together forever
glitch p-udding: damn. so young. so innocent.  
jam master jay and the wtc.  
innocence lost.  
great pic.
reapre: That was the first concert that I ever really really reeeeally wanted to go to when I was a kid. Never really cared much about one since, either.  
I had a buddy come back with one of those t-shirts with both bands pictured in a group photo. Best 80's retro t-shirt ever.