This piece is probably the one I wish was read by every politician and soldier involved in the War On Terror.  
That this movement started after a meeting with Hitler is something every American should at least know.
It's about time
scilec: Great article. It's refreshing to finally read an article that portrays extremist Islamists for what they really are: Nazi's of the 21st century. On the plus side, thank God that they don't have the same type of military might that Hitler had. On the down side, since they think that their God sanctions everything they do, self-reflection and any hint of rational thinking continues to be completely abscent from their thought processes. Here's a 10 to offset your harem of serial 1-voters.
FoolProof: Axis of evil, anyone? Who was it that said that again???
I guess what I don't get
Psychomike: I keep waiting for someone, anyone to explain to me why the Kerry/ Rangle plan-  
1. A draft  
2. Experts in Washington guiding our military actions  
3. 150,000 troops were to be sent in under Kerry (could only happen with #1 folks)  
The things I've heard from people I know here in Chicago are:  
To 1. Rangle was making a political point. But if a draft had gone through as a result, that would make it fair.  
To 2. Having a think tank in Washington makes more sense than having the generals decide.  
To 3. If the terrorists saw more soldiers they would back off.  
TO ALL: One person my age actually said, "Well, yeah I know it'd be another Nam. But at least Bush would be gone".  
Like those that say we should hope the NEWSWEEK article was true so riots and death would break out all over the Middle East, I am stunned.  
So many people voted for this policy of Kerry/ Rangel, that it is truly horrifying. Yet those of us who say their ideas are setting up another Nam or worse, are the barbarians.  
They would cause turmoil in America, pray for riots in the Middle East. Gleefully do body counts of our dead. Add up the cost of war forgetting the UK went bankrupt in World War 2.  
What the hell is going on in our schools?
deathburger: Do us a favor and try to have a coherent thought prior ro posting a comment.