What to do with Linkfilter?

Posting this in links so the few folks who drop in will see it.

I'd like to do the following:
* Reset all the posts and everything to zero.
* Change to a private, invite-only community.
* Open it up so anyone here can invite folks.
* Add a few features and clean it up a bit more.

Is that something anyone would be interested in?

A look inside the now defunct Latitude Society..

The first Event was what the Society called Praxis: a ritualistic gathering in the lounge I’d seen on my first day, the lounge with the brass skull.

Praxis always began with a senior Society member retelling the Fable that we’d heard from the glowing book:

There was an island... And at its centre was a village. And on its shore there was a port....
[article] The Last Man Up

Like a lot of things in Alaska, the annual Mount Marathon Race in Seward is famously brutal, even dangerous. Which is precisely why Michael LeMaitre ran it—the last day he was seen alive.

...Mountain rescue experts, firemen, state troopers, search dogs, helicopter pilots, volunteers, and LeMaitre’s family spent thousands of hours scouring the mountain for him. They have yet to find even a single clue to his fate.

...1.5 miles up. Roughly 1.6 miles down. Hundreds of runners within view of thousands of fans, and a man simply vanished. How the hell is that even possible?

It is as if..."The mountain swallowed this man."

From 2013, with 2016 update.

The Living Mystery Effect

The Living Mystery Effect (LME) is a theorem developed to identify the cause and effect of refusing basic, and complex, aspects of history, science, and in some instances, religion. The LME comprises two basic governing bodies that explain the mechanism by which the tenet of a given mystery remains intact.


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wild and crazy predator shield demo with dakota the bear for the hit show Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q! (translated: Riddles at the Ends of the Earth!)
An article about how one dad tries to keep up with his 8th grade daughter's homework load. This is just one week. I don't remember having that much in a semester.
Everything Is Terrible
EIT is a group dedicated to editing found footage, industrial training videos, home movies, Christian entertainment, and generally anything that was ever published on VHS. They have an incredible backlog going back years worth of posts, and the core editors take great care into editing VHS the old-fashioned way, allowing for wonderous abominations (Commodore Gilgamesh is my GOAT). While their current homepage does not make it easy to find the classics, I beseech thee to use the "search tags" function at the top. Christian, Dance, and Psalty are good baselines, just let your fingers do the walking from there.  
I literally cannot recommend this site any harder.