Abandoned on Everest
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In such alien conditions, utterly hostile to human life, climbers might face their own mortality. Under the spectre of pure, unadulterated fear, they must realize that they are beyond help as well as beyond helping anyone else.  
If they don't, they fall among those who never leave, abandoned on Everest.  
Aunt Feminina Boots's Char-Broiled Book Club.  
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Welcome to Yu Wan Mei
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“Fish Time Is Success Time”  
Yu Wan Mei Amalgamated Salvage Fisheries and Polymer Injection Group is dedicated to harvesting the ocean’s great aquatic bounty to bring residual fish and fish-related nourishment and substances to honorable consumers across the globe. Through research and care, Yu Wan Mei has developed expertise in a number of the latest fish-extraction techniques, pleasing all who consume its line of healthful, pleasing products. Laborers and machines work in harmony at Yu Wan Mei, ensuring unparalleled achievement in all possible arenas.  
This is why SATISFACTION is synonymous with YU WAN MEI.
FHP: Driver lacked razor-sharp focus  
As authorities nationwide warn motorists of the dangers of driving while texting, Florida Keys law enforcement officers add a new caution: Don't try to shave your privates, either.  
Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a two-vehicle crash Tuesday...was caused by a 37-year-old woman driver who was shaving her bikini area while her ex-husband took the wheel from the passenger seat...
Farmer Joe Burke and shop owner Mike Hogan first noticed the animal as it passed by on the footpath outside Mr Hogan's window.
It's like a freakin' otter jamboree around here!

Dean Ween:

"My roadie told me that Carlos Santana’s equipment (including his guitars) had arrived via a trucking company that night at their depot. Carlos was recording an appearance on “Good Morning America” the next morning and his equipment was to be delivered to the set in NYC in a few hours."

What follows is kind of bonkers.
Twin Peaks:
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How Laura Palmer's death marked the rebirth of TV drama  
Twin Peaks was a sensation from the moment it first aired… and still, 20 years later, the influence of David Lynch's groundbreaking series can be felt in TV drama, from The Sopranos through to Lost. Here we relive its surreal appeal and ask six veterans of the show for their memories
Perhaps your history teachers failed to alert you to these Civil War facts: Jefferson Davis nearly got mugged by an angry female mob; Abraham Lincoln loved the Confederate anthem "Dixie," and Paul Revere was a Civil War casualty.
Of all the best-known American serial killers, none has had a greater cultural impact than Ed Gein, the Wisconsin maniac whose reign of terror began in 1947. Shortly after his arrest in 1957, LIFE sent photographers to Plainfield, Wis., where Gein passed most of his troubled existence, and documented the riveting details about his case as they unfolded. A warning for our more sensitive readers: Things become fairly grisly ahead.
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PingWire is an (almost) live feed of images being posted to Twitpic. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the full sized photo.  
Evidently, there are people who post photos which may be inappropriate for viewers under 18 years of age. You've been warned.  
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Stabris is Whitby's premiere experimental basement rock band.  
Stabris operates out of a dimly-lit but colourful basement. We want you to hear our music. We won't be upset if you don't like it.
Malemployed? Anonymously submit why you hate the job you can’t leave.
A small airliner crashed into a house, killing a British pilot and 19 others after a crocodile smuggled into the aircraft in a sports bag escaped and started a panic.  
Crocs on planes!  
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Documentary Heaven
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Documentary Heaven was set up early July 2009 to provide the public with a vast collection of documentaries spanning across every genre out there. We intend on continuously updating the site on a daily basis to bring you nothing but the very best.  
We understand that the internet can be a very interesting place filled with much to do, but have you ever had one of those days where there seems to be absolutely nothing amongst that vast collection of websites out there that could possibly interest you? Well now there is documentaryheaven.com. So whenever your bored, just relaxing or simply in the mood to watch something interesting, why not pop onto our site and find a documentary that takes your interest!
A FARMER has been arrested for killing a pervert who had sex with his prize donkey — while wearing lingerie and a pair of slippers.  
Cops say Jose Gomes Pinto, 55, slashed the man's throat with a razor after discovering he had violated his favourite ass — a donkey named Russo.