'Hacking Google' isn't exactly new. That is, using the search engine to look for confidential information. But as McAfee's senior vice president for Risk Management George Kurtz demonstrated today at RSA conference, that didn't prevent users and organisations to post those goodies online for anyone to find.
'Find the Landmark' is another Google Maps game.  
You are presented the name of a landmark (currently to to the right, in bold), and you must then click on the position of the landmark on a US map.
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ModBlog is a revolutionary system for creating the ultimate interactive personal site, without any technical knowledge. With a ModBlog, you are empowered to create a truly useful personal site that will keep your friends, family and all visitors coming back often!  
Features :-  
1.Total Customization  
2.Live Previewing  
3.Modular System  
4.Chatterbox & Forum  
5.IntraSite Messaging  
6.Image Gallery  
7.Full Statistics  
8.RSS Feeds  
Much, much more!  
With extra features like an automated link system, poll, bulletin, and searching, ModBlog is truly the most feature complete solution out there.
This site can help users overcome troubles with all kinds of spyware-related problems. I've found it to be a big help in fixing the computers of friends and relatives.  
Generally, I search for posts about similar problems; if need be, I'll post a HiJack This log and in a day or two the problem is solved.  
Very helpful when you need it!
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Autistic Portal/Institute for the advancement of violence  
;-) great link site for those with an antenna for the darker side of humor - the good, the bad and the downright sick stuff
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Drummerworld is now the most popular Drumsite in the World...  
Includes tons of videos, solos, clinics, grooves, feedback, and links, but the must-click is simply the "drummers" link. Anything you've ever wanted to know about any drummer you can think of.  
...a very good bookmark for the drummers/musicians out there.
If you're into "Survivor", here's your link to the latest webpostings of the newest winner.  
And here's the main, more general link.  
I wasn't into this one for the first time in all of them, but the last 3-4 episodes got me. You really should check this out if you've watched the other ones.  
Congrats to ... ok I won't say.
Is Bush the Antichrist?
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The Christian right and the Christian left are engaged in a debate over who 'owns' Jesus—and whether Dubya is a force for good or evil.
Ever dreamed of working in entertainment? New job search? This site might help with some great links (the ones I tested all worked). Media Resume.com is affiliated with The Media World.com - Potential employers regularly stop by The Media World.com to contribute opinions about the media industry, and to post jobs in the media field.  
For those interested in how I ended up here (none of these sites have been posted):  
Step 1 - Recruiters Cafe Links Click Here  
Step 2 - Interbiznet Electronic Recruiting News TONS of info  
Step 3 - Software Job Link Click here  
Step 4 - The Job Spider Click Here  
Step 5 - Computer Jobs Finder Click Here  
Interbiznet Offers Homepages for 4000 Companies note: ones I tested worked.
TRY virtual guitar and chordbook - our main application. Featuring a fully interactive flash-built guitar, allowing you to strum and hear guitar chords as well as see the finger positions. Once loaded you can access a database of 1,000+ guitar chords, make your own chords and use the 'name chord feature to identify them, save them to your personal chordbank, mute strings, put on a capo and more.  
Plenty of chord sites been posted before but this is an excellent one.  
Remember that creepy subservient chicken?  
Well, Beer.com has a new virtual character that takes commands... Only this one is Tammy the bartender. Take some time and see what she does.  
Due to some of the commands you can give Tammy, this one's NSFW.
By Alex Jones. Was the 2004 presidential election rigged by the "global elite?" That is the contention of Alex Jones in his new documentary, American Dictators. In this video, he portrays the American political process as a false left-right paradigm that offers no real choice to voters. Further, he presents material on Kerry and Bush's membership in Skull & Bones, a secretive society that he suggests has deep connections to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult.  
In a dictatorship there is no choice, the elections are controlled, the police are the military, fear equals control, speech is suppressed, the economy is looted, the people are slaves.  
See a extended preview, or download preview by direct link here (warning 50 megs)