How to Draw a Head
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Learn how to draw a persons head from a sketch or a photograph.  
Star Trek Inspirational Posters
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Star Trek Inspirational Posters based on those delightful inspirational posters which have become a fixture of Dentist;s offices everywhere.
LiveJournal: Animated GIFS
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Animated Gifs - Scraped from LiveJournal...updated regularly.  
I hope BudTugly doesn't get a hold of these
Our goal at is to provide valuable information to help people save money, save time and solve problems. ThriftyFun and its predecessors have been online since 1997.  
ThriftyFun has grown from modest beginnings to become a vibrant online community. Today, is an interactive Web site where you can post questions and contribute answers to others who are trying to have fun while saving money.
Flash Game: Smash the Wall
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Apologies in advance for wasting the next ten minutes of your life.  
Click the screen at the right time to smash through the ice walls
Detailed instructions of how to make handy, oddball or downright weird things such as  
Fake wounds  
Fake snot  
Fizzy bath bombs  
Non toxic glue for lickable stickers  
And the one that really puzzled me -  
Edible fake barf  
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Well, first of all, what is it? For many sf writers the term 'hard sf' is a little like that embarrassing tattoo you got in high school and just can't seem to live down now that you have a real job. Hard sf devotees tend to use the term in regrettably silly ways . . . like to talk about how 'hard' they are, and to weed out people they think aren't 'hard enough' to play in their league. In return, people who write the various subgenres of SF that don't generally include multipage explications of imaginary technology complete with equations tend to respond with equally absurd claims that there is no such thing as hard SF and the whole concept of hard SF is just the science fictional equivalent of a No Girls Allowed tree house. As a result, the hard sf label (actually coined in the 1950s by Astounding Stories editor P. Schuyler Miller) often evokes the worst excesses of 1950s Agenda SF (1) . . . stories where aliens were enemies, women were green, and white men saved the free world with science. All of which has nothing whatsoever to do with the nuanced and complex stories being written by today's best hard SF practitioners.
Posted here for the historical record, because somebody has to do it!
Google Page Creator
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Create your own web pages, quickly and easily.  
Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.  
* No technical knowledge required.  
Build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software.  
* What you see is what you'll get.  
Edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way.  
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Sex Contract
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You wouldn't get married without a prenuptial agreement or jump out of a plane without a parachute. So why have sex without a contract? This site makes it quick and easy to generate a sex consent form, detailing what you and your partner are willing, and not willing, to do.  
Answer some simple questions and we will generate a custom sex contract tailored just for you and your partner. Best of all, this service is free.  
Choose from these contracts:  
sex consent form for a straight woman  
sex consent form for a lesbian  
consent form for a straight man  
consent form for a gay man  
The MovieWavs Page
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Sound files from movies of all types from 16 Candles to Young Frankenstein.
Welcome to the Hillbilly Housewife. The focus here is on low-cost, home-cooking from scratch. There aren't any exotic meals here, only family-friendly foods made from basic ingredients. The recipes are all tested in a real kitchen with hungry children, stalking cats, begging puppies and a playful husband underfoot. I am not a professional, and this is not a professional website. There will be typo's and broken links and plenty of spelling mistakes to overlook.
When a Story Goes Terribly Wrong  
How Newsweek botched its report on prisoner abuse—and helped set off an anti-U.S. firestorm
...Newsweek was also playing with fire by relying on a single, anonymous source to support such a provocative claim. In this case, the source was presuming to describe a still unpublished report that neither the Newsweek correspondent nor the source possessed. "You're trying to predict what's going to be in a document that hasn't yet been written," says Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. "If you have one source who says, 'I'm sitting in an office right now looking at the report,' and then they read you the page, then I'd say, 'Can you fax it to me?' Under those conditions I'd be willing to go with one source."
This piece is probably the one I wish was read by every politician and soldier involved in the War On Terror.  
That this movement started after a meeting with Hitler is something every American should at least know.
1. Carry your opponent's proposition beyond its natural limits; exaggerate it.  
The more general your opponent's statement becomes, the more objections you can find against it.  
The more restricted and narrow your own propositions remain, the easier they are to defend.  
2. Use different meanings of your opponent's words to refute his argument.  
Example: Person A says, "You do not understand the mysteries of Kant's philosophy."  
Person B replies, "Of, if it's mysteries you're talking about, I'll have nothing to do with them."  
3. Ignore your opponent's proposition, which was intended to refer to some particular thing.  
Rather, understand it in some quite different sense, and then refute it.  
Attack something different than what was asserted.  
Plus 35 MORE!