These methods seem to work at least 60% of the time.  
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February 05, 2004 = original article but yeah... March 29, 2005 = update  
What Communication Experts Need To Know - Where To Submit My RSS Feeds And Weblog URLs To Get More Exposure, Visibility And Reach  
Maintain high visibility and exposure for the online content being generated by closely following the major distribution media.  
As a rapidly increasing number of content sources, new and old, migrate or add RSS as a key distribution channel, and as more people utilize RSS newsreaders and aggregators to keep themselves informed, the ability to maintain high exposure and visibility is gradually shifted from a complete attention to major search engines and content optimization techniques to an increasing awareness of RSS feed directories and search tools.  
(combines old and new including comments by others)  
Below are several lists of specific, concrete things you can do to confront and change your own tendencies to procrastinate.  
Choose several suggestions from among the four lists and put them into practice.  
If these activities work, keep on with them; if not, try different ones.  
Persist! Keep a record of your activities.
Check out the video greeting of Bryan Singer.  
Something I found interesting in the video, is that Singer has Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie screen shots mounted on the set as inspiration.  
I see that as a good sign.  
More video blogging from the set to follow as production advances.
Silly Animated Gifs #1
Be patient, some of these GIFs are large and will take a long time to download  
Slightly NSFW
I can't stress enough the importance of reading this document. It is absolutely amazing how politicos co-opted so much of our language and led us down the path to THEIR agenda.  
Unfortunately, the monstrous PDF file previously available for download made that a 'challenging' endeavor. Thus, I thought it was very important to bring to everybody's attention the existence of an online, readable, searchable, text version of Frank Luntz’s Playbook. It is a masterpiece of manipulation and an historic political document.  
And besides, it is IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING!!!  
This is great news for those millions of us who can’t (or don’t want to) download the massive PDF image file. It is also an invaluable asset to bloggers, site proprietors, writers, and other researchers who wish to search the text (something you cant do with the PDF file because it is an image file…not a text file).  
Read it and judge for yourself. You will be outraged at the degree to which you have been hoodwinked by the greatest propagandists since ... well... you know who.  
Frank Luntz Republican Playbook -- Searchable Text-Version  
PART I "Introduction" (02/24/05)  
PART II "Setting the Context and Tone" (02/26/05)  
PART III "Growth, Prosperity, & Restore Energy and Economic Security" (02/27/05)  
PART IV "International Trade: Promoting America's Competitiveness" (02/28/05)  
PART V "The Budget: Ending Wasteful Washington Spending" (03/01/05)  
PART VI "Tax Relief & Simplification" (03/02/05)  
PART VII "Social Security = Retirement Security" (03/03/05)  
For constant updates, you can check out the greater "Political Strategy Framing Project".
A collection of Videos, Pictures and Animations updated daily.  
A couple of my favourites so far include:  
4 Robots Dancing on Stage  
The Worst Weatherman Ever
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Yes I really do like checking out other people's bookmarks in one spot. One of my favs Reference Material from a Private Investigator Hey Morgaine I love finding your stuff in all the various nooks and crannies.
Welcome to [ David Horowitz's ] DiscoverTheNetwork. This site is a "Guide to the Political Left." It identifies the individuals and organizations that make up the left and also the institutions that fund and sustain it; it maps the paths through which the left exerts its influence on the larger body politic; it defines the left's (often hidden) programmatic agendas and it provides an understanding of its history and ideas. ...  
Here's their Noam Chomsky page.  
And .. Roger Ebert?  
[ via Wonkette]
If she did a Playboy photo-shoot, and she's famous, she'll be here. Some will surprise you!  
A few names & notes:  
-Victoria Principal back in '82  
-Madonna from '85 - apparently a razor is not a "material" item  
-Cindy Crawford did it 4 times  
-Belinda Carlisle! I'll never hear the Go-Go's the same  
-And Teri Polo (Parents, Fokkers) from this month's issue!  
Over 100 of 'em, guys! Enjoy!  
How to Detect Lies
The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions.  
Warning: Sometimes ignorance is bliss; after gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you.
Gunmen shot and killed three candidates running in Iraq's Jan. 30 elections, officials said Tuesday, as a suicide bombing killed two people outside the offices of a leading Shiite political party.  
With insurgents trying to ruin the election, officials announced that Iraq will seal its borders, extend a curfew and restrict movement to protect voters during the balloting.  
freedom is on the march!
This site has been recognized by the United Nations's International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations as a contributor to the online dialogue among civilizations, and by Encyclopædia Britannica as one of the best websites on the Internet.  
Here, you will be introduced to ancient civilizations that thrived thousands of years ago. You will be invited to go on a tour of Ancient Egypt, or Athens, the birthplace of democracy. You will learn about Aztec culture and human sacrifice rituals, and the famous Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. You will become familiar with the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans, and Romans, and with what they have contributed to us, from chocolate to codified laws. Here, you will embark on a journey to the Ancient World.  
Beginner Chess Strategies
One of the most appealing features of chess is the number of strategies that can be used to default one's opponent. For every strategy, there is a counter strategy, and often times a good strategy in one situation can lead you into trouble in another situation. In every case, you should always know your opponent and tailor your strategies to oust him/her. Of course, this means that in order to be a great chess player, you should adapt your strategies accordingly to your different opponents. Knowledge comes before action. Know thy enemy, then know how to apply strategy to thy enemy.  
Lots of people like playing chess, but have no idea how to play well. Stop being a mope. Read and learn some basic strategies so you can compete!