Top Atheist Quotes
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Funny stuff:  
Emo Philips When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
Nine-hundred-fifty guitar tabs in plain text format...  
This page is primarily for classical music played on a standard nylon acoustic classical guitar...  
A downloadable zip file is available (3MB) of the whole site (including all the tabs and MIDI files)...
Springdoo: Talk your Emails
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Springdoo is a free service that lets you talk your emails.  
Anyone can now easily send talking emails in their own voice, without typing.  
You can Springdoo using your computer and a microphone, or any telephone.  
Also would work for Linkfilter Journal entries/(podcasts)
Goocam: Open webcams...mapped
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This is a Google map of unprotected/open camera streams obtained from Google searches.  
The IP addresses for each camera's url has been mapped to it's Geo-location.  
Here is a tag with the best cameras found so far. The pr0n cameras are easter eggs.
Scientists at a laboratory affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a stem-cell culture medium free of animal cells and used it to derive two new human embryonic stem-cell lines.  
The new work, reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology, is a crucial step in stem-cell research because it will allow growth of these cells without using animal products that can harbor viruses and other potential sources of problems.
he SEO Analyzer uses a sophisticated algorithm that detects how optimized your web page is for search engines. The SEO Analyzer focuses on:  
*semantic structure  
*obsolete and deprecated HTML  
*improper use of table elements  
*inline styles  
*download size and time  
*outgoing links  
*top keywords  
The SEO Analyzer if a free tool from Sitening that can help you build better search engine optimized web pages. Enter the full address of the web page you want analyzed, and then click on the Analyze button to receive your free report.
Website Readability Tests
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Gunning Fog, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid are reading level algorithms that can be helpful in determining how readable your content is. Reading level algorithms only provide a rough guide, as they tend to reward short sentences made up of short words. Whilst they're rough guides, they can give a useful indication as to whether you've pitched your content at the right level for your intended audience.  
Test the Readability of a Website.
Like TinyURL or, but it keeps the host name. Observe:  
Use LookLeap to convert long, unwieldy web links into short, friendly links. Our short links are friendly because they show the long link's host name. That makes them easier to organize and eliminates surprises. Take a look: Here is a Google Maps link that you might want to email to your friend. As you can see, its length is messy and could cause the link to break if you sent it by email:,+fairfield+ ca&ll=38.259864,-122.069318&spn=0.011108,0.009459&t =h&num=10&start=0&hl=en
So, turn it into a friendly LookLeap link like this one:
Before she even clicks on it, your friend has an idea where it goes. And when she does click, it will work because its compact size fits nicely in an email.
A ukulele version of While my Guitar Gently Weeps.  
Mad props to Linus for the fixed link.
Cheat Sheet Roundup
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...unless you have a photographic memory, no developer can remember all the different functions, options, tags, etc. that exist...that's why I like cheat sheets...  
I have rounded up over 30 cheatsheets that developers might find useful.
You can create a real-time GPS tracker using Google Maps API. Don't worry about having a GPS device, you can emulate [one] using GPSGate. Then later you purchase fancy GPS devices and a JunxionBox.  
Includes demo.
LogMeIn is a free service that allows you to remotely control Windows-based computers securely from any web-connected browser.  
To use it, you simply need to create an account, then download and install the LogMeIn host software from the computer you will be controlling. That computer will then show up as available whenever you log into your LogMeIn account, and it is connected.  
I like the fact that I can now quickly log in and fix problems for friends and family when they call, as long as I'm near and internet-connected computer.  
Given the number of calls for help I receive (and I bet you do too), this has definitely saved me time.  
There is also a paid version of LogMeIn with additional features like file copying and the ability to print to a remote printer, although I haven't as yet seen any need to upgrade.  
Props to DownloadSquad
Visual Recipes
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A community of cooking enthusiasts who share recipes with step by step pictures  
Step 1) Create A Free Account  
Step 2) Upload up to 22 photos you took while preparing your recipe.  
Step 3) Write a caption for each photo describing what you are doing.  
Recipes With Photos Make You Want To Cook....  
This is not a political blog, and I imagine that a large percentage of my readers don't read political blogs on a regular basis. If you do, this probably doesn't contain any information you don't already know (assuming you are up-to-date with the latest bombshell).  
For the rest of you, I want to give you a primer on the whole Karl Rove / Valerie Plame thing you may have been hearing about. Not because I happen to think it's a huge story, but because it's slowly turning into a real, juicy political scandal...  
It's been very entertaining to watch the whole thing unfold, because information has been coming out in dribs and drabs, like a fireworks show with big pauses in it.... And it looks as though things are going to get more interesting yet.  
But the downside to the "dribs and drabs" aspect of this drama is that it has been going on for nearly three years, and most of the recent articles assume you know the whole backstory... This is intended to be a brief primer for those who are only now joining the fun, and just want the Cliff's Notes for the imbroglio.
At Defective Yeti. Via Waxy.  
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Creationist claims are numerous and varied, so it is often difficult to track down information on any given claim. Plus, creationists constantly come up with new claims which need addressing. This site attempts, as much as possible, to make it easy to find rebuttals and references from the scientific community to any and all of the various creationist claims. It is updated frequently.