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Use Dirpy to convert your favorite YouTube videos to mp3's!
I love freebies. I'm signing up for a lot of them. You should too. This blog also has tips and tricks on saving money. Good site.
You can learn to do just about anything on the web, and guitar playing is no different. Yeah, I know you've mastered the toughest songs on Guitar Hero III, but can you actually play a guitar? We've got 11 tools to help you start living out your dreams of being a rock legend… you know, when you're not coding a new Twitter application.
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Our mission is to provide non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election, so that votes can be based on issues rather than on personalities and popularity.  
We get our information daily from newspapers, speeches, press releases, and the Internet -- it is a labor-intensive process that requires countless volunteer hours.  
Take the VoteMatch quiz!
Jango - Social Internet Radio
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Jango is all about making online music easy, fun and social.  
Just type in an artist - and your first station starts playing right away. You'll get the music you want, along with similar favorites of Jango users who share your taste. Customizing your stations further is just as easy. Just add more artists and rate songs that you want to play more or less.  
You can also tune in to other people's stations - and they can tune in to yours! In your player, you'll see who's listening to the same music as you, who's listening to your stations, and what your friends are playing.
ADrive - Online Storage & Backup
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50GB Free backup storage
PipeBytes is a simple service which allows you to send  
a file to a friend.The unique benefits of this service are:  
* No software to install.  
* All you need is web browser.  
* Send files of any size!  
* Your buddy could start downloading file as you upload it.  
(That makes the file exchange process up to two times  
faster than other web-based file exhange services!)  
* It's private unlike BitTorrent or other P2P techologies.  
The file is not shared on Internet - it is sent directly  
to your recepient.
Downloadable bootleg concerts...great selection.
Mint: Refreshing Money Management
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Mint is the freshest, most intelligent way for you to manage your money online. Not only is Mint free, it saves you money. While existing personal finance software "solutions" require hours to set up, a passion for accounting (is that possible?) and hours of weekly maintenance, Mint is virtually effortless.  
With Mint, you can be fully up and running in less than five minutes. After that, revolutionary, patent-pending Mint technology does the rest, with virtually no more work required. It automatically pulls together your bank, credit union and credit card data, and provides up-to-date and amazingly accurate views of your financial life - from the big picture to specific details, in a friendly and intuitive way.  
In addition, Mint goes beyond visibility and analysis; providing personalized money-saving and money-making suggestions. Mint provides users an average of $1,000 in savings opportunities during their first session. Plus, Mint is accessible from your desktop, laptop or cellphone.  
Mint is safe and secure; it never knows your personal identity and it provides bank level data security.
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Online assortment of domain- and network-related tools, including Whois, Traceroute, Ping and lookups for reverse DNS records and spam RBLs.  
Similar to DNSStuff.com (on LF), but without registration requirements or limits on use.
In the 1980s, a language called BASIC swept the countryside. It was a language beginners could use to make their computer speak, play music. You could easily draw a big smiley face or a panda or whatever you like! But not just BASIC. Other languages like: LOGO and Pascal were right there on many computers.  
In this century, you may have dozens of programming languages lurking on your machine. But how to use them?? A fundamental secret! Well, no more. We cannot stand for that. Hackety Hack will not stand to have you in the dark!!
While shopping out in a store, have you ever wondered: "How much would I save if I bought this on the Internet?"  
Call Frucall to get your answer. Frucall not only reads back the best online prices to you, but it also allows you to buy items directly from online merchants while you're on the phone!
AccountingCoach.com provides FREE online educational material to help you learn the accounting concepts practiced in the United States. The site provides hundreds of pages of explanations, drills, exams, crossword puzzles, and a glossary of over 1,000 terms.  
The World's Largest Free Online Accounting Course
Wakoopa - Software gone social
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With Wakoopa you know what software you've been using, and how long you've been using it. But you also get updated when a new version comes out, or somebody writes a review about your software.  
Wakoopa allows you to share your software usage and your opinions about software. Just invite your friends to view your profile, or put a widget on your own site.
Absolutely a wealth of information.  
Example: 60 minute compilation of the WW2 films of the concentration camps.  
They could have used a better menu but the films are great.