Scientists have peered further back in time than ever before using instruments designed to search for a phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein almost a century ago but not yet proven to exist.  
An American observatory hunting for ripples in space and time called gravitational waves has produced its most significant results yet, despite not having directly detected any.  
The “non-discovery” offers insights into the state of the Universe just 60 seconds into its existence. Previous research has been unable to look back in time further than about 380,000 years after the big bang.  
Image 1 is good, but don't miss image 2.
Many older adults might be driving under the influence without even knowing it. Common drugs - from painkillers to beta-blockers - can impair driving abilities by causing dizziness, sleepiness and even disorientation. But seniors, who are more likely to take them, are rarely aware of the risk, according to a recent report [pdf] by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
The Institute of General Semantics (IGS) promotes a scientific approach to understanding human behavior, especially that related to symbol systems and language, and the application of proven principles that guide advancements in critical thinking, rational behavior, and general sanity.  
It's all non-Aristotelian, so things get...interesting.
There is a reason why occult teachings are held secret. They reveal the naked Truth without any compromise. Very few people are prepared to face those facts. As much as I would like to open the world’s eyes, I realize that this site isn’t for everybody. If you are one of those people, I suggest you go there instead.  
If you’re however interested in the findings of a genuine truth seeker, friend, you’re at the right place.
Something invaded our solar system and whacked Jupiter, but professional astronomers were looking the other way at the time. Now, as the shock wave slowly subsides, astronomers are working around the clock to find out exactly what hit Jupiter - and why they didn't see it coming.
I'm Will Smith, the editor of Maximum PC and the guy in the video below. We shot this video demonstration to show people how to build a killer PC, one step at a time. It's a great reference for beginners and experts alike. This video was created for viewing by attendees of Comic-Con 2009.
Basics of Calculus, divided into small chapters.  
From the author: Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs " (Henry Ford).  
The online version of this book is free. The chapters have bookmark links.
Manipulate actual LEGO TECHNIC gears, beams, conveyor belts and motors to complete the ten pre-built puzzles. Enjoy viewing player solutions and challenge yourself to achieve them with the fastest time, lowest cost  
or highest score. Only the top 20% of players so far have reached the  
final level. Take on the challenge.
I covered my first inauguration and what an inauguration it was.  
Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States in a ceremony on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  
Before Tuesday, I had photographed five presidents and covered big events including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and concerts like Live 8 and Live Earth.  
But this one was the biggest.  
It deserved a big photo.
[cc: government]
On this site you will find games that are maximum of 4KB in size, written in Java. Have fun playing them!  
Try Left 4k Dead
Straight Up Chess
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No longer are you forced to play chess on a horizontal plane! With Straight Up Chess, you can now play chess vertically.
Huge plumes of water vapor and ice particles are spewing from Saturn's moon Enceladus at supersonic speeds, scientists report.
So you want to learn to swear in Italian? No problem. Here are some really useful words! There are many regional dialects in Italia, but the following should be pretty well understood no matter where you go.  
See more search results etc. on one page, concatenating several pages together.  
To use, right-click on a
Next link (it works with other languages, too) or a 2 link, select Re-Pagination, All. Or select Re-pagination, Limited and the number of pages to append.  
For photos, right-click on the
Next link, select Re-pagination, Slideshow and the duration in seconds of each page display. The pages will replace each other instead of appending.  
Similar idea to this previous LF post (hat tip to Mac and [FoolProof]).  
Also: Firefox 3-compatible version (Andrei Neculau)
This web site is a nice way to learn several constellations by sight. Through repetitive drill using different views of the night sky you will amaze yourself.