Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering trauma survivors with effective expressive outlets via internet art gallery, outreach programs, national exhibitions, publications and development of employment skills  
Our goals are to provide entertainment, education, and exposure to the arts. We endeavor to raise public awareness through the arts: eradicating abuse and creating an atmosphere of acceptance for survivors with disabilities. Mainstreaming trauma survivors with physical and mental disabilities into the arts.  
Art done by survivors of abuse use their traumatic experiences as subjects of paintings and other artworks. Some of these are chilling. Link takes you directly to the art gallery, but the main site is located here: Survivors Art Foundation.
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Ever wish you could reach back in time and change the past? Maybe you'd like to take back an unfortunate voice mail message, or rephrase what you just said to your boss. Or perhaps you've even dreamed of tweaking the outcome of yesterday's lottery to make yourself the winner.  
Common sense tells us that influencing the past is impossible -- what's done is done, right? Even if it were possible, think of the mind-bending paradoxes it would create. While tinkering with the past, you might change the circumstances by which your parents met, derailing the key event that led to your birth.  
There are going to be some changes around here!  
Left-handed people can think quicker when carrying out tasks such as playing computer games or playing sport, say Australian researchers.  
Connections between the left and right hand sides or hemispheres of the brain are faster in left-handed people, a study in Neuropsychology shows.  
The fast transfer of information in the brain makes left-handers more efficient when dealing with multiple stimuli.  
(/me is left-handed)
Researchers isolate cells affected by LSD and mescaline, potentially leading to more treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders...  
Zeroing in on a group of cells in a high layer of the cortex, a team of researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute may finally have found the cause of the swirling textures, blurry visions and signal-crossing synesthesia brought on by hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, peyote and "'shrooms." The group, which published its findings in this week's issue of Neuron, may have settled a long-simmering debate over how psychedelic drugs distort human perception.  
"There's this huge body of literature about these compounds, and I think this paper begins to nail down how the heck they're working in the brain," says Bryan Roth, a pharmacologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "It's not the end of the story, but I'd say it's the end of the beginning of the story."
- "I'm so sorry. we did everything we could." The surgeon's haggard face proved his words."Thank you," I said to the surgeon, taking his hands in mine, "for everything you did to try to save him." I was in shock. But I was also aware of a bewildering mix of sadness, anger and, as hard as it was to admit, overwhelming relief.
This site is dedicated to the weirdest food people actually eat.  
If you have a dish you love eating, but your family and friends think it's repulsive, this is your chance to share it with the world...
Like the witch-hunt trials of old, people today are being accused and even imprisoned on 'evidence' provided by memories from dreams and flashbacks -- memories that didn't exist before therapy. What is going on here?  
A bit dated but interesting..
...The Weblog Awards are a non-profit project created in 2001 to award the best blogs. All the Bloggie winners are chosen by the public...  
Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Friday, February 2. The winners will be posted on Monday, March 12...
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Traveling abroad presents an ideal opportunity to master a foreign language. While the immersion process facilitates communication in a diverse world, people are often surprised to find they have difficulty returning to their native language.  
This phenomenon is referred to as first-language attrition and has University of Oregon psychologist Benjamin Levy wondering how it is possible to forget, even momentarily, words used fluently throughout one's life.
Some think that there are no more mysteries out there. Some think that science has all the answers. Think again. Here are 42 of the big and small questions for which science has no answer.
Rocker Tommy Lee once said we're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time. Amen, Tommy. Many of us follow his lead every day by shunning the most basic principle of Darwinian evolution—trying to survive—with food, toxins and reckless lifestyles. If you'd like to get in on the act, we present our easiest catalysts to self-destruction.
midomi: search with your voice
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midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice.  
Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests.  
Give it a try. It's truly amazing!
Made in Pink
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A store that sells various things with one thing in common - they're PINK.  
For Kassi42
When my son was born, I imagined how I would teach him about life.  
Little did I know that he would be the teacher.
Site purchases scam(ish) content from eBay (cookbooks, get rich quick stuff, how to, etc), then posts it for all to see.