We won’t mention Internet Explorer here. Nor Opera or even Google’s Chrome browser (disclaimer: I may write this post for Chrome in a few months once they have extensions available). Today, we’re going to take a look at Firefox - the browser we all are should be using.  
In my endless pursuit of the ultimate productivity system, technology always seems to get in the way. Today I want to try and summarize some of the greatest productivity bits that the Firefox browser has to offer. You may be surprised that many of these don’t even require an extension!
Get straight to the point.  
allows you to isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.  
An example I created  
Zip Code Signal
Find the field strengths of AM day, AM Night and FM stations within U.S. postal zip codes throughout the U.S. This web program produces accurate radio station signal field strengths, organized by zip codes, from the FCC's CDBS AM and FM database, as of November 29, 2005. V-Soft Communications provides this data free or charge as a service to its customers and friends.
Draw a sketch, submit it and get someone else's sketch in return.  
Kinda like FileSwap  
Gmail Manager
This is a Firefox [and Mozilla!] extension that allows you to manage multiple gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications. Displays account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets.
Poetry Archive
The Poetry Archive is the world's premier online collection of recordings of poets reading their work.  
You can enjoy listening here, free of charge, to the voices of contemporary English-language poets and of poets from the past. The Archive is growing all the time. Please come back regularly to enjoy our latest recordings.
The Google Images Storyteller
The Google Images Storyteller converts your text into visuals... based on the top search result for individual words. Enter anything you like, from novel paragraph to short news story to poem or song lyrics (up to 200 words will be converted).
Art is not like other culture because its success is not made by its audience. We, the public, fill concert halls and cinemas every day. We read novels by the millions and buy records by the billions. We, the people, affect the making, the taste and the quality of our culture.  
The Art we look at, however, is made by only a select few. A small group create, promote, purchase, exhibit and decide the success of Art. Not more than 5000 people in the world have any real say. When you go to an Art gallery you are simply a tourist waving flags at a parade. A parade where the winner was decided without you.  
We want to make Art that charts. We thought of calling it a revolutionary new way to sell Art but it's not revolutionary. It's just cheap.  
The malls are coming out of the walls.  
due to language may be
This site includes a list of links to on-line, worldwide resources for the study of the English language and its history. (Many of these links were discovered by others too numerous to list here! Thanks.) As well, my students are contributing to an anthology of historical texts representing different genres of English, and an encyclopedia on the cultural history of English.  
Here, you can find links to other U of T enterprises. These include the Dictionary of Old English Project, Albert Masters' Medieval Manuscripts site, Ian Lancashire's electronic Renaissance Dictionaries, Jack Chambers' work on Canadian dialectology. Please recommend other sites to us!
Beneath the trees where nobody sees / They aim and shoot as long as they please...  
Use your mouse to return fire...click the header to reload...run the gauntlet of chubby little cubbies all stuffed with HATE!  
Direct-link to Japanese/English Flash (.swf) file.
I've finally found it... Audioscrobbler for books!  
That's right, a book recommendation system that works by comparing your taste in books to other users.  
Great website, and it'll get even better if you join!  
(If you don't want to join, you can still search for recommendations, but they'll only be based on one author/book at a time.)
Google MyWay
How to search Google efficiently.
The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Lets face it, PDA's are to expensive and cumbersome, and organizers are bulky and hard to carry around. Nothing beats a folded up piece of paper. That is until now. With the PocketMod, you can carry around the days notes, keep them organized in any way you wish, then easily transfer the notes to your PDA, spreadsheet, or planner.  
Many things make this little personal organizer special, here is a list.  
1) It fits easily in your back pocket or purse.  
2) It's as cheap as one piece of paper (Because that's all it is!)  
3) It opens like a book. Leading to easier to find, more organized notes.  
4) The first page has a pouch, big enough to carry a business card!  
5) Customizable with "Mods" tailored to your needs.  
6) It's free and fun!
Geography Web Games
Those of you who love geography as much as I do may enjoy this free online program that allows you to drag and drop the countries, capitals, rivers, and mountains of the world on to maps.
Religion Facts
Just the facts about the world's major religions. Nicely done reference site.