Removing her ex-husband from more than a decade of memories may take a lifetime for Laura Horn, a police emergency dispatcher in Rochester. But removing him from a dozen years of vacation photographs took only hours, with some deft mouse work from a willing friend who was proficient in Photoshop, the popular digital-image editing program.  
As image-editing software grows in sophistication and ubiquity, alterations go far beyond removing red-eye and whitening teeth. They include substituting head shots to achieve the best combination of smiles, deleting problematic personalities or adding family members who were unable to attend important events, performing virtual liposuction or hair restoration, even reanimating the dead. Revisionist history, it seems, can be practiced by just about anyone.
Council for Secular Humanism
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The Council for Secular Humanism cultivates rational inquiry, ethical values, and human development through the advancement of secular humanism. To carry out its mission the Council for Secular Humanism sponsors publications, programs, and organizes meetings and other group activities.  
The site, project headed by American philosopher Paul Kurtz, attempts to promote secular humanist principles to the public, media, and policy-makers by providing secular humanist activities and communities. Also works to demonstrate the viability of the secular humanist eupraxophy as an alternative naturalistic life-stance.
This personal essay, written by a doctor, is an excellent argument against the faults inherent in postmodern thinking. Although many of us fail to see it for what it truly is, the values responsible for most of society's advances at the foundational level are now under constant attack by ideologues at both ends of the political/intellectual spectrum. Whether it's at the hands of "Postmodern"/"Multicultural" academics, or religious fundamentalism, there is currently a culture war being waged against the values and ideas brought to us by the age of enlightenment. If you've ever felt that the world is suffering through a continuous denigration of science, history, and reason, and especially if that idea disturbs you on a personal level, this essay could prove to be a source of interest. It contains a good number of relevant links on the topic at hand, and despite being a bit lengthy, is well-written and fairly easy to get through.