Edible Geography
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excellent foodie blog covering many related topics like food architecture, old cookbooks, unesco culinary heritage sites and nyc news
While Wikipedia isn’t likely to lose its status as the first place people look for quick answers anytime soon, there are loads of other sites out there that can provide you with information, some of which may even be better and more accurate. Whether you’re researching for a paper or just settling a bet with a friend, here are 100 places you can find all the answers you need quickly and easily online.  
By Christina Laun.  
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They have admitted an "oversight" after complaints from Islamic residents who consider dogs "ritually unclean".  
Six-month-old trainee police dog Rebel is at the centre of the row.  
The German Shepherd was pictured next to a police hat and telephone on a card highlighting the Tayside force's new non-emergency contact number.  
Thousands were sent out to addresses in the Dundee area.  
But Muslims were angry and their local councillor raised their concerns.  
I’m fed up with Photoshop and its one billion rarely-used features.  
How about a simple photo-editor that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. Fortunately, there’re tons of web-based photos editors popping up. Most are crap, but some are promising. Check out these free web-based Photoshop alternatives...
By Chanpory Rith at LifeClever.
This article mentions the growing trend of language learning at home. It has links to two free sites where one can learn several different languages at home. LiveMocha actually allows you to speak with people in any language, live, for free, even if they don't have courses in your language yet.
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Food combines with each other when they have major flavour components in common.  
A list was made of 250 food products each with their major flavour components. By comparing the flavour of each food product...with the rest of the food and their flavours, new combinations...can be made. The way to use [it], is just to select a food product like strawberries. You will get a plot where you have strawberry in the middle surrounded by other food products. Take one of those other food products and try to make a new recipe by combining those two. The more flavours food products have in common the shorter the distance between the food products...  
This is just a tool to inspire you. You still need as a chef the craftsmanship, the experience...to translate this inspiration into a good recipe...
With recipes.  
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Do you really want to thwack someone between the eyes when they start doing cold reading on a room full of credulous people seeking some sort of closure with dead friends and relatives? Do you get aggravated by con artists who will offer to do a psychic cleansing for a measly $100 USD? Would you enjoy seeing the public humiliation of someone who claimed to cure cancer with the power of their mind? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may find some vicarious joy on BadPsychics.com, or at least a few laughs.
This web site is a nice way to learn several constellations by sight. Through repetitive drill using different views of the night sky you will amaze yourself.
Antique Books
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Instead of just uploading ASCII text, we've given you full color scans of these books, so that you can enjoy the weathered character that makes them so fascinating.  
So choose one of the titles above, and start reading. All you need is your browser, some time, and a willingness to appreciate the wonder of antique books.  
Every book is expensive to republish. But we are committed to free reading on the Web. If you like what we have done here, and you would like to give another old book to the World on the Web, please consider contributing a book that you already own to the library or adopting a book. You will keep the physical book that has been made priceless as the one copy that has been remastered in color to the world!  
Lots of Golden Books (for the kids)
People with epilepsy are three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population, conclude authors of an Article published early online and in the August edition of The Lancet Neurology. The study also found that women with epilepsy were more likely to commit suicide than men with the condition, and people diagnosed with epilepsy in the previous six months were at an even higher risk of committing suicide.
The Alphabetizer
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The Alphabetizer puts just about any list in alphabetical order. Alphabetize words, email addresses, phrases, sentences, anything you enter. With the Alphabetizer you can also strip HTML, ignore case, make your terms lowercase, remove duplicates and add characters to the beginning and ending of each term...  
Jott (public beta)
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Jott...is a startup in Seattle, focused on using voice -- your own voice -- to simplify life. Very specifically, you can use any cell phone -- not just a smart phone or a Blackberry -- to make a simple, toll-free call, and we allow you to create messages in email, SMS, text, and To-Dos with your voice. We take your voice, and transcribe it into text automatically, and deliver it to where you want. Basically, it's hands-free productivity, unlocking messaging and saving To-Dos in scenarios where you don't want to be thumb-typing or don't have access to a keyboard. It's gigantic, because we work on any phone. It's free, and there are no downloads. One guy who reviewed it recently said it was obscenely simple... (source: interview with CEO John Pollard)
Around 106 years ago, someone slipped a copy of the world’s smallest complete Bible in a child’s boot and stuffed it into a cottage chimney cavity to ward off evil. Now British archaeologists have identified the book, which a renovator discovered while working on the cottage in central England's Ewerby.  
Interesting story.
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Fakersbusted was established in June 2003, with the primary purpose of keeping track of those dreaded fakers, their usernames & the images they use. Here within our pages, we keep track of fakers from various rating sites & online communities. Once their fake profiles are removed, their username remains here, forever. So if you have ever wondered, just what happened to that hot guy or girl you were talking to, come on in & see if their username graces our pages & find out who it is, they were pretending to be!
.pdf Mags
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pdf-mags.com is your infobase for PDF magazines made all over the world.  
If you are an editor or know other mags please let me know.