The reason why I've chosen not to categorize the movies by using the standard genres like "comedy" and "drama" is that these really don't say that much about the lesbian content. By using the categories/genres below, I think I've found a way to quickly give you an idea of what you can expect from a movie
thought i had to share my jubilant mood about findin' the love of my life, enjoy these saucy pics or just have a nice day anyway  
Baen Free Library
Baen Books is now making available — for free — a number of its titles in electronic format. We're calling it the Baen Free Library. Anyone who wishes can read these titles online — no conditions, no strings attached. (Later we may ask for an extremely simple, name & email only, registration. ) Or, if you prefer, you can download the books in one of several formats. Again, with no conditions or strings attached. (URLs to sites which offer the readers for these format are also listed. )
Video clips of fans outside concert venues featuring the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christine Aguilera, and Ruben Studdard.
You're doing it all wrong. There's a reason why your daily protests have failed to invigorate the anti-war movement. You have no leadership. You have no direction.  
Every protest is virtually the same: Start out at Terry Schrunk Plaza. Yell for awhile, try to take City Hall. Get distracted from City Hall, walk down the street to the bridge. Bridge is blocked, go to another bridge. Bridge is blocked. Sit down. Get bored. Disperse. Wonder why no one is listening to you. Rinse, repeat.  
You look like zombies afflicted with attention deficit disorder.  
It's time to come up with a plan and stop this senseless and annoying lollygagging about town. Everyone's getting bored with it, and you're losing support. Say what you want about the U.S. war machine, they'll never be accused of lollygagging. That's why if you want to stop the enemy, you need to think like the enemy.
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New and IMPROVED Audiogalaxy Rhapsody with more songs and albums than ever!  
Looking to Download music? Check out Audiogalaxy Rhapsody for unlimited access to the deepest catalog of legal online music in the world.  
Listen to over 650,000 high bit-rate songs at your fingertips... Burn mixed CDs. Audiogalaxy RHAPSODY is the one service that does it all. the one service that does it all:  
Drug music for the masses...  
Net radio and naked women...  
I'm there! :P
Why crackheads shouldn't steal sparkplugs to make crack pipes:
"Yes, you. You sick fucker. On Wednesday morning I emerged from my girlfriend's building by U.N. Plaza to find that you had sawed the tops off both the sparkplugs on my motorcycle. At the time, I had no idea why anyone would do that. Other than the sparkplugs, the bike was untouched. Some kind of bizarre vandalism? A fraternity prank gone awry? I had no idea. All I knew is that I looked like a huge douchebag riding the Muni to work in a padded motorcycle jacket and helmet."
The theme here is quite obvious: YOU ARE A CRACKHEAD. WHY DON'T YOU OWN A CRACKPIPE?
Because the bike was immobilized I got a $35 street sweeping ticket that night. Thursday I had it towed to the shop ($45) where they replaced the sparkplugs and the boots ($50 including labor). They explained to me that "people" - I use the term loosely here - like you break off the tops of spark plugs and use the porcelain tubes to smoke crack. As an engineer and former MacGyver fan, in a way I think this is kind of cool. But then I remember that I just paid $100 for YOUR crackpipes, and I get angry again.  
Uh oh -- crack head better watch out: The Brit bike owner is considering several options:
Wait in an alley near my bike armed with my new stainless steel mirror finish Ace Professional brand 1/2" drive socket wrench, my 18mm sparkplug socket, and my searing rage. It's pretty heavy and well balanced. I am not a large man, but I am angry.
The whole piece is very very amusing . . .
Eats Shoots and Leaves
This British book about punctuation was a surprise hit last Christmas, and now it's out in the States. I just received it last week and people kept looking at me when I was laughing out loud on the train reading it this morning.  
Do misplaced apostrophes and omitted commas get to you? Read this book: you're not alone.  
Check out the flash based punctuation game.
Sculpting Geometry
"is about life in three dimensions: symmetry and difference, zero and infinity...everything to do with the beautiful subject of geometry"...Grossman is an internationally collected artist, working with new and old technology to make sculptures in many materials. Equally at home with modeling clay and stereolithographic prototyping, she brings science and art together beautifully.
"I had been downloading music yesterday evening. Led Zeppelin, REO Speedwagon, Flock of Seagulls, things like that. Then I realized that it'd be a funny joke to play on people if I were to change "Keep on Rolling" to "Hot Lesbian Sex". I watched as within minutes this file got 50 downloads. I was astounded."  
"What if, perhaps, I was to change some of these names to sick pornography titles? I wonder if I'd get any bites?  
And this is where the fun begins."  
Pretty funny story. Language may be NSFW.
Postcards for mom
Join in the fun! Drive someone's mother crazy by anonymously mailing random stuff to her.  
This is the hard part. Hard, because there are several rules:  
1)You can't mention the website. If you do, you'll ruin it for the few thousand people that are playing along and sending my Mom stuff.  
2)You can't mention me. Since the project started, she originally put the blame on me, but now it's shifted to my brother (see rule number 4). She's not sure how she is getting postcards and other stuff from around the country  
3)No perverted stuff. C'mon, it's my mom. Let's have fun with it, and not turn it into something stupid that forces me to take the site down.  
4)Bonus points for you if you send something Air Force related, or in an Air Force envelope. My brother is in the Air Force, and Mom thinks my brother is having his buddies send crap from around the country/world. I'd rather he get the blame than me.  
5)Make the message fun, but not perverted. Give Mom the 'wish you were here' line. Tell her you were friends back in the day. Or don't write anything, just sign it. Be creative, think of something funny or interesting to put in your message.
Velveeta Fudge
A Recipe for fudge made with, yes, you guessed it, creamy, delicious Velveeta cheese food. Bon apetit!
Centralia is a town located in the heart of the anthracite mining region of Pennsylvania. In May 1962, a fire in a trash dump accidentally ignited the coal mine under the town. It has been burning underground ever since. Attempts to put out the fire over the years have been unsuccessful, and the population of 1,100 residents has since dwindled to only twenty or so.  
Japan SAQ
seldom asked questions on japan like:  
How come Japanese people slurp Japanese and Chinese noodles, but not spaghetti?  
What does the name of the famous hamburger chain, MOS Burger mean?  
Why all the cherry trees and no cherries?  
What is the origin of the name of the popular soft drink 'Calpis'?  
What is the difference between sushi and sashimi?  
Why are Japanese peaches usually drawn upside-down?  
What is the difference between Happoshu and beer?  
Why do so many Japanese peoples' faces turn red when they drink alcohol?  
+ more q&a on  
Klezmer Shack
A site devoted to Klezmer music. Reviews, articles, sheet music, all you could ever want to know about the klez.  
"Klezmer is the music that speaks to me. It's balkans and blues, ancient Jewish culture and prayer and history, spirit and jazz all mixed together. Good klezmer, and the music inspired by it, demands that one dance. In the words immortalized by Emma Goldman: "If your revolution doesn't include klezmer, I don't want it." I sometimes envision the Holy One, Blessed Be Whatever He/She/It May Be, who knows all history before its time, sitting on the throne in heaven, watching new music and cultural excitement unfold, turning and declaring to the assembled angels and saints and sinners, "ahhhh, now I can hear it live.""