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Photos and descriptions of hundreds of different varieties of chili pepper plants.  
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Bang up, and hot, recipes to make with home grown chili peppers. Entrees and side dishes too!  
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The oldest, easiest, and most common way to preserve chiles is to dry them. Aside from a few of the thick-walled, meaty varieties such as jalapeños, most chiles are well-preserved by drying them at home. There are several different ways to dry chiles, employing both traditional methods and new technologies.  
The ristra, or chile string, is the oldest and also the most attractive method, and it is still customary in many chile-producing countries. There are several different ways of assembling these strings.  
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THANKS to all the cyber pepper freaks for visiting the cool website that is still under development.  
This will be one pepper munching, lip burning site that will keep you smoking. Recipes, sauces, gardening tips, editorials, even a chat room for burning conversation, and YES there is the GARDEN TOAD editorial. Maybe, just maybe, we will sell some chiliheads merchandise, you know the basic items, (koozies, t-shirts, hats, do-rags, bumper stickers).  
As I was in my garden several days ago picking peppers (serrano, habanero, bullhorn) thinking about what in the world I would be writing this greeting about, a thought came over me as I was picking some ripe rooster spurs, that pepper lovers would be visiting this site from all over the world.  
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You Grow Girl was launched in February 2000 and has grown into an online community that speaks to a new kind of gardener, seeking to redefine the modern world relationship to plants.  
With experiments, humour, art and interactivity, You Grow Girl sets itself apart from the traditional bumper crop of flat, impersonal commercial gardening websites.  
Check out the lab for answers to burning scientific questions like "Which roadside apple tastes the best?" or "Do houseplants grow better when they listen to the pop stylings of New Edition?" Submit your mini-garden art to a growing gallery of diverse images or share your expertise and trade your seeds with fellow gardeners in the Forums.  
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Reimer Seeds || Hot Peppers
Start a New Hobby and Collect Hot Peppers from Around the World ™.  
Visit One of the World's Largest Collection of Hot Peppers, with over 1,700 varieties.  
We have the hottest peppers in the world, including the Habanero Red Savina™ PVP, which currently holds the Guinness World Record, and the Devil's Tongue, which is the hottest so far in our testing.  
We also have rare varieties including the Zimbabwe Bird and the Fatalii, both from Africa, the Tepin, the Habanero Golden, the Habanero Chocolate, the Habanero White Bullet ™, the Habanero Orange Devil, and the Scotch Bonnet Yellow.  
I've shopped for seeds here. They are good folks and a good place to start if you're interested in growing peppers as a hobby... or for sport.. or revenge.. or sexual gratification.. or as fuel for a time machine.. or...  
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Athough most chili peppers are indigenous to South America, they are used and grown around the world. Hot peppers are used in abundance in Mexican, South American, Indonesian, African and Oriental cooking, while the milder peppers are common in European and North American recipes. And, peppers have been cultivated for thousands of years for their medicinal properties, known for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, in addition to their culinary purposes.  
What is this site?  
Pepper Plants: Learn about pepper varieties, from bell peppers to very hot chilies.  
Growing Peppers: Get the basics for growing your own pepper plants.  
Using Peppers: Learn about cooking with and preserving peppers.  
Been my hobby for about a year now. I've got about 25 different varities at the house. Great fun!  
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West Indies Pepper Sauce
Basic recipe for West Indian (Caribbean) pepper sauce. I've got dozens of different varities of hot peppers growing at my house and thought this recipe might be of some use in creating my own sauce.  
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