It survived the English Civil War, two world wars, two depressions and three recessions, but after 480 years Britain's oldest hardware store is finally having to hang up its pots and pans.  
King Henry VIII was on the throne when Gill & Co became the country's first ironmongers in Oxford in 1530.  
Carlos Santana
Carlos Augusto Santana Alves (born 20 July, 1947 in Jalisco, Mexico) is a Grammy Award-winning Mexican rock musician and guitarist. He became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which created a highly successful blend of rock, salsa, and jazz fusion.  
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We all know that one of the easiest ways you have to light a dark corner in any room or add some atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamp. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the lighting tone of a room. In fact, the lighting selected and used can complete the statement of a house or improve a room’s decoration and give the feeling one is looking for. In today article you can see 40 of the most creative lamp designs that you can find on the internet these days. So let’s begin ….
Rationing, the Industrial Revolution and a drastic reduction in household servants have nearly killed off Britain's once-rich tradition of food.  
At least that's the argument put forth by British food historian Ivan Day when presented with the stereotype of his country as a nation filled with fast food-loving Philistines.
About me:  
Not much to say really. Born in Anchiano, Italy in 1452. Did some painting, some inventing. The usual renaissance stuff.
Witches flying Ointment is a herbal recipe producing psychedelic effects, and was first recorded in the Middle Ages. Although the practice is probably older still. The ointment consisted of belladonna or mandrake, poplar leaves and soot and to hold it all together fat or clove oil.
This is The World's Hardest Game! Work your way through 30 incredibly hard levels, and if you can finish all of them you can compete for a spot on the world leader board!
Iner Souster
This is a collection of instruments that I have been building since the year 2000. Some of them are functional, some just plain suck. I will give a quick description of how they are constructed and how successful they are (or not). I have also figured out how to add audio and video directly to my blog. Some of it will be press, some of it will be from jams or live shows, and some of it will just be plain silly. love iner.
A US campaigner has vowed to release a video which he says proves the existence of aliens.  
Jeff Peckman, who claims the film features a living extraterrestrial, will show the footage to the media on Friday.  
The 54-year-old is lobbying for a commission to be set up in Denver so the city can prepare for contact with alien life.  
Mr Peckman promised to show the film to officials when he appeared before them earlier this month.  
He told the Rocky Mountain News: "It shows an extraterrestrial's head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that's visible through an infrared camera."  
OK. Bring it on. show us your Alien Pics!
More than 1,000 vehicles are expected to converge on the capital demanding a rebate on duty fearing hundreds of small hauliers could be forced to close by rising diesel prices.
The Guitar Kickstand
New from California based Sound Innovations is the Kickstand, a guitar stand that you're never going to have to carry anywhere, ever again. You see, Kickstand attaches to your guitars factory strap peg, hiding away when you're playing and flipping down when you need to stand your guitar.  
The kickstand video.
LS Lowry
If people call me a Sunday painter I'm a Sunday painter who paints every day of the week!"  
Lowry was always irritated by people who thought he was an amateur painter, self-taught and untutored. "Started when I was fifteen. Don't know why. Aunt said I was no good for anything else, so they might as well send me to Art School  
In no naval action of World War II will you find a German aircraft carrier taking part. All the major navies in the war used them extensively, except for Nazi Germany. There were lots of German U-Boats, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, but no flattops. However, the Nazis had plans to build a total of four carriers and almost finished one of them.  
Her name was the KMS Graf Zeppelin and though launched in December 1938 she was never over 80% completed. Construction delays, lack of aircraft, and bitter disputes between Air Marshall Hermann Goering and the Navy insured that the ship was doomed to become scrap metal...
By Greg Bjerg.
Lyricsfly was created to simplify the process of finding lyrics to your favorite song titles. Tired of popup ads and flashy advertisements from other lyrics-serving websites, we wanted to make a simple and useful website without all the garbage around it.  
Over 312,000 songs, searchable by artist, title and album. User submissions and edits accepted.
HMS Falcon
"The purpose of this site is to present information about the Royal Navy river gunboats that patrolled China from the end of the 19th century through World War 2..."Lots of info and photo galleries from this period.Some interesting photos of the Panay incident too.