Learn the DVORAK Keyboard
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We walk amongst you undetected... users of the DVORAK keyboard. We sneak into your offices and homes while you're not looking and change your input method preferences. Bwa ha ha ha ha!! Soon we will rule the world and the only remaining QWERTY keyboards will be the chicklet monstrosities of the original TI-99/4! Join us now and avoid this fate!  
But seriously... I don't think Dvorak is going to take over the world anytime soon and several of us believe we're only marginally faster with Dvorak than QWERTY. However, I (and a number of other people) find Dvorak to be more comfortable... I feel I have a little less wrist strain these days by usign Dvorak. And I am a little bit of a faster typist...  
This is a link to a site with Dvorak lessons in four languages!
* No shareware, no nagware, no adware. Reviewed constantly. Categorized conveniently.  
* No installation required. Run it on your memory stick. Your key drive. Your iPod. This free software just don't care.  
This page is updated regularly. Last update: September 2, 2005.  
Portable software runs on your USB key drive or your iPod, or a memory stick, or any type of external drive you plug into a USB port. You don't have to install anything on the computer's hard drive. It's like carrying your office around with you. Or... carrying your home to the office.  
These kind of apps are becoming more and more popular as USB flash drives get cheaper and cheaper. If you ever do any work at more than one computer, go get one now, then install this freeware. Then you can do something else. If you want. Or, you can just hold your key drive and feel good about what you've just done.  
By the way, I haven't included everything you can run this way, only those things you probably want to run this way.
some objectives:  
-Infiltrate a third world nation  
-Spread 8-bit propoganda by means of an audiovisual set created with a mix of seemingly harmless 8-bit technology and modern weaponry.  
-World audiovisual domination
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Hikarunix ["hee-kah-roo-nix"] is a Live Linux CD. Any machine that can boot to CD can boot to Hikarunix instead of the computer's regular operating system. Since it boots entirely in RAM and only borrows the peripherals, Hikarunix doesn't touch the host machine at all. Shut the machine down, pop the CD out, reboot and you'll find yourself back with the same old OS that you started with. No installation or partitioning necessary. The fact that it fits on a pocket sized miniCD and can boot on just about any machine makes it extremely portable. Internet cafes, Library computers, a borrowed laptop can all be your personal, temporary Go workstation. If you wish you can also install it to your harddrive.
"Living only for the moment, turning our full attention to the pleasures of the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves; singing songs, drinking wine, diverting ourselves in just floating, floating, caring not a whit for the pauperism staring us in the face, refusing to be disheartened, like a gourd floating along with the river current; this is the floating world."  
For those not familiar with the game these prints depict, that for over 3,000 years go has held in thrall the cultures of East Asia -- of them most constant in devotion, and extravagance, Japan -- is sufficient cause for its recurrence as a motif in the several realms portrayed in art. But it is, as well, the numinous elegance of the game's playing equipment, and the continuously subtle shape-shifting configurations of design and pattern, woven and unwoven across the board like a calligraphic web from first transfixing move to last in the evolution of a long game, that best explain the bewitching of artists' eyes.
Home theatre PCs are all the rage these days, but setting one up can seem daunting. MySetTopBox.tv has just dramatically lowered the intellectual cost of entry with KnoppMyth. Grab the disk images, burn and reboot. Provided your hardware is compatible, you should be looking at your own PVR!
Athens Olympic Games Blog
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A nice site to track Olympics goings on.  
Includes news articles, Information grouped by event, and a nice Table of Countries and their Medal Counts
A project to analyze the key swing states in the 2004 Presidential election.
The Writing's On the Stall
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An online repository of writings found on restroom walls  
"One day I, Jonathan Horak (Janitor in Chief), was musing at the writings on the stalls when one in particular immediately drew my attention. I started thinking not of what it read but more of what stalls can reflect in general society: a whole lot.  
They serve as (informal) forums for politics, pop culture, humor, and so forth. What better, then, than to bring the best of these writings out to the world over this thing we call the Internet? Thoughts and ideas that once were localized can now be made globally available. Huzzah!"
Started in Aug 1991, arXiv.org (formerly xxx.lanl.gov) is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers. Covered areas include physics and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience.  
Users can retrieve papers from the archive either through an on-line world wide web interface, or by sending commands to the system via e-mail. Similarly, authors can submit their papers to the archive either using the on-line world wide web interface, using ftp, or using e-mail. Authors can update their submissions if they choose, though previous versions remain available.  
Users can also register to automatically receive a listing of newly submitted papers in areas of interest to them, when papers are received in those areas. These listings are sent by e-mail.  
In addition, the archive provides for distribution list maintenance and archiving of TeX macro packages and related tools. Mechanisms for searching through the collection of papers are also provided.  
scientists can find many publications even the ones that havent been published yet..good stuff  
I'm finding this link more and more handy every day. If you are learning SQL for the first time, or are a veteran looking for subtle differences between database servers this link is for you. Just click on what you want to do, and the database you're using and you'll get some example SQL.  
This stunning article about Abe Lincoln will make you wonder if anything we have been taught is even remotely true.  
Apparently what we think about the Civil War, is not.  
This one is a must read.
Mobile gaming is projected to become one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry. In this article, Michael Yuan looks at this exciting new market's characteristics and the opportunities for Java developers. The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is the dominant technology platform for the new generations of multiplayer mobile games. In the second half of this article, Michael surveys the latest game-related innovations and APIs in the J2ME world.
The flaw is in a component of the operating system that allows other computers to request the Windows system perform an action or service. The component, known as the remote procedure call (RPC) process, facilitates such activities such as sharing files and allowing others to use the computer's printer.By sending too much data to the RPC process, an attacker can cause the system to grant full access to the system.
Top 75 Security Tools
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In May of 2003, I conducted a survey of Nmap users from the nmap-hackers mailing list to determine their favorite security tools. Each respondent could list up to 8. This was a followup to the highly successful June 2000 Top 50 list. An astounding 1854 people responded in '03, and their recommendations were so impressive that I have expanded the list to 75 tools! Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar with. I discovered several powerful new tools this way. I also plan to point newbies to this page whenever they write me saying "I do not know where to start".