Site of KSDT, "a student-run radio station located on the campus of the University of California, San Diego." KSDT "broadcasts solely via streaming MP3 on the internet." The site contains a program schedule, and a searchable playlist.
Visual Thesaurus
An experiment in language and interface, Plumb Design's Visual Thesaurus is both an artistic exploration and a tool to explore, study, and analyze the structure of language. By displaying the interrelationships between words and meanings as spatial maps, the Visual Thesaurus translates language into a visible architecture.  
wow...really really cool.  
To love for the sake of being loved is human,  
But to love for the sake of loving is angelic.  
-Alphonse DeLamartine  
To love for the sake of being loved is human,  
But to love for the sake of loving is angelic.  
-Alphonse DeLamartine  
Guidebeam Search Tool
Great Loads of Cool Quirky Search Engine Tool FUN!

This handy entertaining, quirky little search tool helps you find things you didn't even know you never knew by automatically creating categories based on your search parameters. And here's the really cool part! Once you focus in on the particularly intriguing category you want to know more about GUIDEBEAM then sends you to GOOGLE to finish the job! Don't you dare tell me you aren't overwhelmingly IMPRESSED with that! REMINDER:Read GUIDEBEAM's FAQ Page to make sure you understand EXACTLY how it works and that you are FULLY informed that it will ONLY categorize a maximum of TWO (2) words.If you try to input more than TWO words into GUIDEBEAM's search field it automatically GOOGLE-IZES it without any CATEGORIZATION. Hey, I LOVE it and it's a great entertaining waste of quality productive time you could have used to finish up last semester's term paper.

To love for the sake of being loved is human,  
But to love for the sake of loving is angelic.  
-Alphonse DeLamartine  
screw the admins...i was a good poster who went unappreciated. enjoy your boring linkfilter.
The Web Awards Community Links. If you want to find the best of the web, this is a good place to start...
An extensive, well-designed search directory divided into 85 categories of interest to Pagans.
We created LibrarySpot.com to break through the information overload of the Web and bring the best library and reference sites together with insightful editorial in one user-friendly spot. Sites featured on LibrarySpot.com are hand-selected and reviewed by our editorial team for their exceptional quality, content and utility.
Best of History Web Sites is an award-winning portal created for students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts. Here you'll find sites, rated for usefulness and accuracy, that will help you study or teach a wide variety of topics and periods in History.
The WWW Virtual Library
This is the old, alphabetical-style format catalog of the Virtual Library.
Albino Blacksheep
Offbeat humor with image and multimedia archives, humorous and satirical articles, and message boards.

There are tons of great links here. I'm posting the home page, but be sure to check out their flash archives...awsome site.

The Comedy Zone
Categories: American Comedy (98) new Audio and Video Clips (130) new Australian Comedy (35) Bizarre and Weird (186) new British Comedy (169) new Cartoons and Comics (260) new Clubs and Venues (34) Directories (70) Festivals and Events (15) Games (41) General Comedy (322) new Greetings and Funny Cards (42) Humorous Quotations (43) new International (58) new Jokes and Joking (222) new Kids Korner (20) Personal Homepages (100) new Photographic Funnies (65) new Regional (22) Resources and Training (35) Satirical Humour (278) new Stand Up Comedy (163) new Street Entertainers (12) TV and Film Comedy (101) Webmaster Resources (18) Worst of the Web (17) Writing (84) Zines Zines Zines (51)
Our mission is to become the definitive and most effective guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet:

definitive: We have compiled a comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. We have started out by covering the biggest and best sites around, and have links for most well-known artists to keep you surfing for hours. Update February/2002: We have now indexed 1200 arts sites, and offer more than 32,000 links to an estimated 100,000 works by 7,500 renowned artists.

most effective: The Artcyclopedia's custom search engine is already the fastest way to search the Net for information about fine artists. Period.

museum-quality: There are scads of artists with home pages on the Web, many of whom are extremely talented. But we can't list every site, and we really don't want to set ourselves up as arbiters of who produces "quality" art and who doesn't - making such a judgment is impossible over the Internet in any case. We feel that fairest approach is to rely on the worldwide network of museum professionals to make that call. So our general policy is, if an artist is in an arts museum collection, then he or she is qualified to be listed in our database.

See what people have been downloading most in 2002. Out of almost 20 million downloads served over the year, here are the most popular shareware and freeware program in each of our categories, as well as a list of the Top 100 overall downloads in 2002!