PhD - Piled Higher & Deeper distributes "Piled Higher and Deeper," a comic strip about graduate life (or lack thereof).  
"Piled Higher and Deeper" is created by Jorge Cham, who got his own PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, and is now an "Instructor" at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).  
A collection of the comic strips, "Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Strip Collection," (ISBN 0-9721695-0-4) was first published in June 2002. The first printing of 1000 sold out in three weeks.
Index of 1800+ Photoshop tutorials on the internet.
This is all you need to know about ripping the highest quality mp3s at the best size using the free applications EAC and LAME.  
An incredibly simple guide. If you're not ripping mp3s this way, you're waisting your time.
A metric assload of links to electric vehicle links
The most comprehensive site about Tolkien's invented languages that you are likely to find on the net.
How To Tie a Tie
After you buy a suit, you'll need to tie your tie, unless you're one of those weirdos who doesn't wear ties with his suit.  
Several different knots explained, with diagrams.
How to buy a suit
It’s the one thing every man should own: a suit. The Editors salute the suit’s ability to withstand expiration, bask in its enduring appeal, and offer advice on what to look for when you’re off to buy your own. If only we could be there to say, ‘Suits you, sir!’
This new website is a resource for creating, sharing, and chatting about iTunes' Smart Playlists.


Because they're cool and there are many ingenious ways to use them to keep your music fresh.

I have this alternative site bookmarked...I thought I had already posted it, but I can't find it with an LF search...thanks to amsterdam's libertythink journal entry, LF gets another shot at what is IMHO one of the coolest spots on the web...
A photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage. Here you can view over 6450 photos of 457 sites in seventeen countries, with background information and virtual tours.
Mass Times
Want to get some religion before the world ends? This site provides catholic mass times, locations, and phone numbers by zip code or area.
December 31st, 1995: The last Calvin and Hobbes strip is published. Fans around the world mourn the end of the greatest comic strip ever created…

February 26th, 2000: The Calvin and Hobbes Resurrection is launched. Fans around the world rejoice! Calvin and Hobbes have been reborn, in Web form…

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Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt has astounded and thrilled numerous generations of guitar players and jazz lovers with his amazing command of the guitar. He lived a long life in his forty-three years. It’s impossible to sum up his influence on jazz an influence that continues to this day.

"He did more for the guitar than any other man in jazz. His way of playing was unlike anyone else’s, and jazz is different because of him. There can be many other fine guitarists, but never can there be another Reinhardt."

Additional Links:

good article about Django

History of Django

Playing with Time
Speed up the world until it's just a blur or slow it down to a mere crawl. Either way, you'll gain a new perspective. The Gallery of Time features more than 80 short QuickTime movies that use time-lapse photography or slow motion to show how the world around us changes. Natural views are popular, and the speeded-up videos show subtle changes you wouldn't notice at a normal pace. Four months of spring growth around a northern Wisconsin stream and a year of seasonal change in a New York forest whiz by. Coastal evolution takes less than a minute as animation shows the probable 7,000-year creation of Cape Cod, and scurrying tourists make Walden Pond look anything but idyllic on a sunny day. You can slow things down to catch close-ups of a blinking eye, a milk-slurping cat, and a vibrating cymbal. Explosions and impacts look especially fascinating in slow-mo, as the firecracker, jackhammer, and breaking glass can attest. After spending some quality time with this site, you're sure to see the world in a different light.
As the name implies, this is salmon cooked in the dishwasher. It does work, and comes out quite good.

a real recipe from