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I am very disturbed by your inclusion of as a news source on Google news. Biased propaganda and blatant lies are not comprehensive journalism and have no place on a news site.
You know there are some really good reasons to be proud to be single on Valentine's Day. Here is what I have come up with.  
You can spend your money on video games instead of flowers.  
I heard there is pornography on the Internet but I have never really checked it out.
Warning! This DVD is infested with forced commercials and may greatly impede your enjoyment of this purchase!

Now for a statement on Andy Serkis's exclusion from the Oscar Nominations we go deep with in the Misty Mountains to an underground cave for a statement from Gollum.


Lies! It burns my precious! Tricksy false Hollywood bastards! Pompous elites media bastards think that computer graphics are just made at the press of a bloody button. Utter wankers my precious!

EB and has a bunch of brand new NeoGeo Pocket Colors that are being sold by a company who got them in bulk and are liquidating them. Why is it that a dead cheap game system can deliver better gaming than a $300 Java based cell phone or a $500 PDA? Despite it's relatively low power in the hardware SNK was able to make up for it in quality games and in the end that is what counts.
Why I love Pabst Blue Ribbon
Posted by 8bitjoystick in vices 15 years ago
These are harsh time and it calls for a harsh beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon is just the thing. PBR hit it's peak in the 1890s and has been on a steady decline ever since then but the sales have actually shot up since Gen-X discovered that it. It is not shoved down your throat with multi-million dollar mass marketing it is simple a decent cheap beer. This beer is America whether you like it or not. It is real for what that is worth anymore.
Sony announced more information about what the Playstation portable can do. Most interesting that the 3D power is the fact that it is going to have built in WiFi 802.11 wireless networking and a digital music player that is probably going to use the Sony Memory Stick slot. It can be used as a MP3/WMA player and is going to appeal to a lot more than Yu-Gi-Oh addicted kids.
The music industry ( aka. The RIAA ) and Microsoft just gave blessing to's new venture I am a total multimedia nerd and I was drawn to try it out. In fact I pay my bills as a multimedia nerd so I was compelled to cut through the hype and put together a document that captures the user experience and compare it to a more popular but black market music distribution network.
Today is Bastille Day when the French celebrate the founding of the French republic. I am going to celebrate by getting some of the Laughing Cow Cheese and having a bottle of Fat Tire Belgian style beer. My grandfather was helped kick the Nazis out of France back in 1945 but then if it were not for the French we would all be singing "God Save the Queen" in the Royal British Colonies of America.
Dick's Drive-In Hamburgers
Posted by 8bitjoystick in vices 15 years ago
Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft? Bah. The real staple of Seattle industry is Dicks! They have not changed their burger recipe in over 50 years. It is sacred ground to residents of Seattle. When the owner dies the chain will expand and put Mc Donalds out of business. All hail Dicks!
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Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
VCR Killed the Tivo Star
Posted by 8bitjoystick in the wired 15 years ago
A look at Tivo, Interactive TV and the good old VHS VCR.

By looking at my search engine hits I can tell that the one thing that dope pimps everywhere on the net want to know from me is "How to burn copy-protected games". I mean your average kid wants to know how to burn PS2 games, and how to burn Xbox games. That is a fact.

It is my duty to inform the public on how to correctly burn some copyrighted copy protected games.

Internet dorks like myself who have been reading wired magazine since the early 90s usually only go off about cool Star Trek positive things about the technology but there are very real dystopian aspects to keep in mind. Here is a brief list of things that I hate about the net in no particular order of importance.