"Police who enter a home illegally without knocking and find incriminating evidence can use it in a trial, the U.S. Supreme Court declared Thursday, carving an important exception in the 45-year-old rule that keeps unlawfully seized evidence out of court."
"There's a lot we still don't know -- and may never know -- about the National Security Agency's surveillance of Americans' phone calls. But one striking tidbit has emerged: that the agency is mining phone records for patterns of terrorist activity."  
"USA Today reported May 11 that the NSA was performing "social network analysis" to detect patterns of terrorist activity in its database of U.S. call records. In defending the program, Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., confirmed that the White House had told him the NSA was probing calling patterns to "detect and track suspected terrorist activity.""  
"But is that really possible?"  
The DHS pwns joo
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A guy was taking apart his new Dell laptop and found a hardware key-logger. Law enforcement sent him to the DHS which refused his Freedom of Information Act request. Was he special or is this device original equipment in his Dell?  
I found this at Linkswarm.
"President George W. Bush claims that he is spreading freedom throughout the world. However, for him "freedom" appears to be more a slogan, devoid of content and used to harness U.S. nationalism for his own purposes. Freedom meant much more to the Founders of the American republic. They would be appalled at the president's crusade to impose democracy abroad and its resulting, but unnecessary, erosion of liberties at home. Bush's attempts to renew expiring USA PATRIOT Act provisions, which were supposed to be a temporary enhancement of government police powers in the wake of 9/11, show his shallow commitment to freedom where it is needed most, here at home."
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"A story we’ve been following continues to get emotional reaction from our viewers. It deals with the way police handled a woman who had been driving erratically. Police didn’t know the woman was having a diabetic reaction."  
"Christina Deleon, 30 has a broken arm, her head is swollen and her eyes are blackened. The question now is, how did she get these injuries? From a traffic accident or from what police did after it."  
With video
"A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls."  
"The students were counting jelly beans as part of a math exercise at Fairmount Park Elementary School when the little girl began acting silly. That's when her teacher took away her jelly beans, outraging the child."
This is seriously disturbing...  
"...The police document said Wheeler was handcuffed to a hospital bed and then secured with leather straps after he refused to urinate in a cup. When medical staff tried to insert a catheter to get the sample, Wheeler refused and began thrashing around, the affidavit said."  
"At one point, police officer Peter Linnenkamp reported, he jumped on the bed with his knees on Wheeler's chest to restrain him. When Wheeler still refused to let the catheter be inserted, Linnenkamp said he twice used his Taser, which sends 50,000 volts into a target."  
Fox News host Bill O'Reilly labeled the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a "terrorist group" for filing a lawsuit against Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and for opposing Bush administration anti-terrorism measures that the group believes are unconstitutional. The lawsuit accuses Rumsfeld of approving illegal interrogation methods that led to the torture and abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody; the ACLU also believes that measures such as federal "no-fly" lists and expanded investigative and surveillance powers for federal law enforcement under the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional. O'Reilly added: "They're terrorizin' me and my family. They're terrorizing me. I think they're terrorists.""  
* One Top Fuel dragster makes more horsepower than the first 4 rows of the Daytona 500.  
* At full throttle, a Top Fuel dragster consumes 11.5 gallons of Nitromethane per second; a fully loaded 747 consumes jet fuel at the same rate but produces 25% less energy.  
* A stock 426 HEMI does not produce enough horsepower to drive a Top Fuel supercharger.  
It isn't all that large of a page, but the list is quite interesting.
Enjoying Japanese Tale[s]
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Japanese fables and illustrations  
"Otogi Zoshi are tales for adults and children enjoy alike. In the Muromachi Period and the Edo Period, people would have great fun thumbing through the pages by themselves or have someone read to them - there were many ways to enjoy the stories. The greatest pleasure of all though, must surely have been the beautiful painted color illustrations."  
"Many of these flamboyantly illustrated Otogi Zoshi tales are in the possession of the Kyoto University Library. So that you can taste the same enjoyment as people of the olden days, we have added the beautiful illustrations to the each synopsis of the tale and made it like a picture book. The synopsis is for people who have trouble with Japanese classics, who cannot work out what has been written but who want to know the story, so ease of understanding was our biggest goal. The expression is not rigorously modern, but in order to convey the atmosphere of the story we were a little creative. We will be happy if you enjoy it as a picture book."  
I found this over at Linkswarm.
Georgia's PM killed by gas leak
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"The prime minister of Georgia, who helped lead the country's revolution in November 2003, died today after an apparent gas leak at the flat where he was staying."  
New Republic Calls for Death and Torture of Arundhati Roy and Stan Goff  
"The words "libelous" and 'the New Republic" have a proud history of walking arm-in-arm. Now, in the esteemed tradition of [former TNR writer who peddled fiction as fact] Stephen Glass, The New Republic has stooped to a new low, publishing a piece that calls for violence, torture, and even death for leading leftists who dare oppose Bush's war on terror and the slaughter in Iraq."  
"Author Tom Frank -- clearly from the Glass School of Journalism the New Republic has made famous -- described sitting in on an anti-war panel sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, the Washington Peace Center, the DC Anti-War Network and other groups."  
"He [Frank]wrote, 'these weren't harmless lefties. I didn't want Nancy Pelosi talking sense to them; I wanted John Ashcroft to come busting through the wall with a submachine gun to round everyone up for an immediate trip to Gitmo, with Charles Graner on hand for interrogation.""  
Uhhh, he needs a drink and a serious vacation...
What's Wrong with the CBS scandal?
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"After last week’s bloodletting at CBS, Karl Rove and company must have broken out the champagne. Within the past six months, George Bush’s political strategists have scored the trifecta of adroit crisis management. An ostensibly independent yet clearly White House-allied organization, the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth, destroyed Democratic nominee John Kerry’s most salient asset, his Vietnam service record, by raising unsubstantiated doubts about Kerry’s previously unquestioned heroism. They diverted attention from the mysteries of their own candidate’s wartime record. And they managed to take down the most journalistically active television news organization, thereby sending a chill through other news outfits that might have debated how aggressive to be in exploring the past of a man with one of the most opaque resumes in presidential history."  
"The hullabaloo over CBS News’s overzealous use of documents whose authenticity is in doubt—and CBS management’s actions to punish those involved—only serves to obscure a far bigger question: Where was George, who has gone on to promulgate a precedent-shattering, hugely risky doctrine of pre-emptive war, when his nation called on him to fulfill his own military obligations?"
How Americans Were Seduced by War
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"Americans have been betrayed. Sooner or later Americans will realize that they have been led to defeat in a pointless war by political leaders who they inattentively trusted. They have been misinformed by a sycophantic corporate media too mindful of advertising revenues to risk reporting truths branded unpatriotic by the propagandistic slogan, "you are with us or against us.""  
"What happens when Americans wake up to their betrayal? It is too late to be rescued from catastrophe in Iraq, but perhaps if Americans can understand how such a grand mistake was made they can avoid repeating it. In a forthcoming book from Oxford University Press, The New American Militarism, Andrew J. Bacevich writes that we can avoid future disasters by understanding how our doctrines went wrong and by returning to the precepts laid down by our Founding Fathers, men of infinitely more wisdom than those currently holding reins of power."