"Steve Jobs' career at Apple was unique. His unconventional leadership helped create Apple's two most important products of the 70s and 80s: the Apple II and the Macintosh. Unfortunately for Jobs, the CEO he had recruited, John Sculley, was not happy with the risks Jobs was willing to take. After a short power struggle that left Sculley in control of Apple, Jobs left the company in 1985.  
"After puttering around for several months, Jobs decided that he would return to the computer industry. He invested $7 million to create a brand new company, NeXT Inc."
A very cool, in-depth article about NeXT.
"This next session can be enjoyed without concern about its deeper meanings. If you wish, for example, you can imagine that these stories ... are not about you. But if it were a teaching session, your task might be to identify yourself in every story, to acknowledge that you too could be as foolish or as lacking in discernment as the characters in these ... tales."  
Some wonderful stories to laugh at or ponder, or both.  
"Nasrudin was throwing handfuls of crumbs around his house. "What are you doing?" someone asked him. "Keeping the tigers away." "But there are no tigers in these parts." "That's right. Effective, isn't it?"
"In the slums of Rio De Janeiro, drug lords armed with submachine guns have joined forces with djs armed with massive sound systems and rude, raunchy singles. Welcome to the most exciting—and dangerous—underground club scene in the world."  
An intriguing article about the music of the favelas.
"Does anyone devote as much energy to avoiding simple, sensible solutions as the modern graphic designer?  
"Among the design professions, graphic design is an embarrassingly low-risk enterprise. Our colleagues in architecture, industrial design and fashion design are tormented by nightmares of smoldering rubble, brutally hacked off fingers, and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. We graphic designers flirt with...paper cuts."
A well-reasoned critique of the visual presentation in I.D. Magazine's 51st Annual Design Review.
"Choose from 2 identical game styles:  
Black - fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action.  
White - fast paced, power-up enhanced shoot-em-up action."
Change the color of the background by exploding orbs with your varying guns, enjoy the modification of the soundtrack in corelation with the game events.  
A wonderful time waster.
"JavaScript's object oriented programming techniques are quite unique. This tutorial is an attempt to introduce you to OOP in JavaScript.  
Creating subclasses of a class is what makes object oriented programming so powerful. Unfortunately, JavaScript does not have full built-in support for the style of OOP that you may be accustomed to in Java, C#, or C++."
Helpful, particularly if you're trying to read newer object oriented Javascript libraries such as Prototype.
"Myth: Smoking Industrial Hemp gets a person high.  
Reality: The THC levels in Industrial Hemp are so low that no one could get high from smoking it. Moreover, hemp contains a relatively high percentage of another cannabinoid, CBD, that actually blocks the marijuana high. Hemp, it turns out, is not only not marijuana; it could be called 'anti-marijuana'."
See Also:  
Basic Uses of Industrial Hemp: Food, Fuel, Fiber  
Vote Hemp is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp.
"Welcome to the "Make a Realistic Star Field" tutorial. This tutorial will help you get started down the road to creating realistic and awe-inspiring star fields.  
Let's face it: stars can be really hard to draw. I'm not talking about the singular balls of blazing gasses, though, I'm talking about the subtle and beautiful star fields that make a piece of celestial art what it is: a portrayal of space."
A truly wonderful photoshop tutorial.
"Semiotics can be applied to anything which can be seen as signifying something - in other words, to everything which has meaning within a culture. Even within the context of the mass media you can apply semiotic analysis to any media texts (including television and radio programmes, films, cartoons, newspaper and magazine articles, posters and other ads) and to the practices involved in producing and interpreting such texts.  
Within the Saussurean tradition, the task of the semiotician is to look beyond the specific texts or practices to the systems of functional distinctions operating within them."
The Hempest
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"The Hempest is a one of a kind outlet for all things hemp and beyond. We have the largest selection of hemp clothing, accessories, gear, paper, food and body care products found anywhere in the world. We also carry a full line of educational books as well as hand-blown glass artwork. We invite you to visit any one of our stores or our website and find out more about the earth's most versatile and beneficial plant: Cannabis Hemp."  
A we bit spendy, but definitely worth knowing your clothes are made from an environmentally friendly and sustainable plant (it's quite durable and soft too). Hemp also makes an excellent moisturizing lotion or soap.
"The George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit organization with no commercial interests. Our purpose is to show you a healthier way of eating that's enjoyable, affordable, quick and easy to fit your personal needs and lifestyle."  
Salmon is the Food of the Week.
"What follows are the notes for my class. To use them, all you need is a big stack of nice drawing paper, animation bond preferred, and a good soft pencil. A hard pencil is a detriment to creating loose action drawings. Your pencil should feel as if it glides across the surface of the paper, leaving a dark, solid line."  
A nice series of notes/lessons regarding classical animation style drawings.
"There are days as a designer that I want to join the Army. I get frustrated with my creative director, a client, my work, and I start wandering New York asking myself “Why?” Namely, “why does any of this matter? Who cares about my color recommendations, my sub-branding logos, and my witty T-shirt designs? Why doesn’t anyone listen to me? I need some purpose. A cause. Adventure.” It is about this time that I find myself in Times Square, and I make way for the U.S. Military Recruiting Station."
Fallen Fruit
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FALLEN FRUIT is a mapping and manifesto for all the free fruit we can find. Every day there is food somewhere going to waste. We encourage you to find it, tend and harvest it. If you own property, plant food on your perimeter. Share with the world and the world will share with you. Barter, don't buy! Give things away! You have nothing to lose but your hunger!  
A neat concept, includes a handful of maps showing locations of publicly accessible food-plants.
"Included within the Christian Identity movements are: Anglo-Israelism, British-Israelism, and some white supremacists, anti-semitic and other hate groups."  
It's said that their prevalance is on the decline in comparison to the 90's which produced some notable examples.  
Identity churches use Christianity to justify racism and anti-Semitism; they are still quite a presence on the American theological scene.