The local news first reported some strange happenings in Tunbridge Wells on the 2nd of May 2003. Within a few days the news had shot all around the world.  
A mysterious caped crusader had been performing heroic deeds around town. It appeared that Tunbridge Wells was home to a real life comic book superhero...
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Faggots. How many can you handle?  
Mr Brain’s Faggots are still a firm family favourite, and a traditional part of the British way of eating.  
So, take a look around our site for some great recipe ideas, some tasty news, and meet the Faggot Family.  
This is an archive of the original Mr. Brain's site. The faggots are now owned by Kerry.  
Once again, completely safe for work, unless I suppose you work for the Westboro Baptist Church.  
Spotted Dick
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Recipe for the classic British dessert, Spotted Dick.  
Completely safe for work.  
Milos Forman and Nicolas Cage are betting on a feature film about the larger-than-life gambler Amarillo Slim Preston.  
The project would mark Forman's first directorial outing since 1999's "Man on the Moon."
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Jewdriver was first conceived at a secret location in Oakland, California (circa 1994) when Ian Stuartstein and a fellow named Jay Oniskinwitz were sharing a bottle of Cherry Manischewitz (our official drink), something infected our brains that night and thought wouldn't a Jewish Skinhead band be a great idea...
Chiswick Records
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A record company that helped start the birth of small labels, gave a number of non-London bands their first chance and competed with the big boys.  
A small label that released bands with a hard edge around 1976, just as that sort of music was about to become even harder and explode.  
They don't make them like this any more.  
Is your missus a nutter?  
Take the quiz and add her to the gallery of nutters.
The Vatican's View Of Evolution
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The Catholic Church, at least in the twentieth century, takes a more flexible approach to the interpreting Genesis than do several Protestant denominations.
Mad Meg
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Seriously detailed art, all done with a black ballpoint. Start with 'Carnets de digestion'.  
(Shamelessly culled from mefi)  
"I am a slightly over-weight, opinionated, middle-aged jerk who has concerns over the declining intelligence in this country. I HATE idiots and the disgusting girl I work with!"  
Worked there, felt that...  
This is a Google cache - the original blog has been pulled down. Feel the pain while you can.
NSFW - ladies' front bottom word, willie words, poo-poo words, and the word 'clitoris'.
Ditch Monkey
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This started out as a project to live in the Woods for six weeks in order to raise sponsorship for the woodland trust. Six weeks was easy(ish) so now the project is being extended for as long as I can last - the aim being for 1 year. I live in the woods, I have no other address, it is where I live.  
This guy's name is Hugh Sawyer. He has a law degree from Oxford and works at Sotheby's. And he lives in a ditch in the woods.
This year, for my 21st birthday, my Mum has made me a badger badger badger badger, mushroom mushroom, oh it's a cake, it's a cake, cake! Hurrah!  
One fine morning at 3.29 a.m., a Level 57 Night Elf Hunter enters a WoW forum to arrange a killing spree.  
Unfortunately his Mom also reads the forum...  
PwNz0reD!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!1
A zombie horde descended on the 'American Idol' auditions in Austin, Texas.  
An organiser said they wanted to "raise awareness about the brain-melting nature of television by pretending ... to be a zombie, and terrorizing throngs of vapid pop-star hopefuls at the 'American Idol' auditions."
The developing of rock music in Russia can't be compared with that in that in any other country. The main reason for it is of course the "iron curtain" that existed in the USSR for 70 years. But for the communist regime nobody would have known knows what music could come from Russia. However we have just what we have. And I think, it's great!