Comic Strip Generator
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Build your own funny (or not) comic strips!
By now, you have seen a plenty of crazy iPod accessories, but the craziest of them all is surely going to be the iRon from Gear4. This crazy combination of iPod dock and steam-iron.....  
Todd Snider site
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Todd Snider is a great singer/songwriter who can be as politically incorrect as they come, but with insight which is priceslessly funny and witty in his songs.  
Ask Captain Ribman!
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This is a page where you can submit questyns to Captain Ribman...  
"Q. Dear Captain RibMan,  
If heat rises, how does the center of the Earth stay hot?  
--Matt M.  
A. Dear Matt,  
The center of the Earth stays hot because it has constant stress placed upon it from the literal weight of the world. Let me put it to you another way to help you understand: Imagine a two-ton hippo sitting on your head. Eventually, that hippo will get hungry and wade into a river to chop on some plants. When he is done, he'll come back onto shore and maybe he'll see an old friend from the neighboring river. "Hello!" he says in a gruff voice, because that is the only voice hippos have. .."
Less than a month after filing for divorce, the estranged wife of David Hasselhoff has filed for a court order on a claim of domestic violence by the former "Baywatch" star, according to court records.  
"The Seawolf was conceived as a faster, better-armed eventual replacement for the Los Angeles class nuclear-powered attack submarines. The first of class, the Seawolf (SSN21), was ordered from the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, Connecticut, in January 1989 and commissioned in July 1997..."  
My grandfather was the chief electrician working on building this submarine. Yay, grandpa!
"Fifteen years after his video of Rodney King reached the world, George Holliday looks back on how that night has hurt him"
"The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system. Through its members--lawyers, law students, jailhouse lawyers and legal workers united in chapters and committees--the Guild works locally, nationally and internationally as an effective political and social force in the service of the people. "  
Lawyers = Idealists?  
A MOTHER who underwent an abortion after learning that she was pregnant with twins is suing the NHS for £250,000 after one of the babies survived.  
Stacy Dow, who was 16 when she found out that she was pregnant, is seeking compensation and damages for the “financial burden” of raising her daughter. Miss Dow, whose father has had to take on a second job to help to pay for his granddaughter, is claiming for “loss, injury and damage” suffered at the hands of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust.  
A comic about an inept city sorcerer who moves his family to the country and sets up shop as a hedge wizard...  
A fantasy comic complete with modern technology - laughter ensues.
"Along with smoking and chronic infections, alcohol consumption is an important cause of several types of cancer, researchers said on Monday."  
Random Stuff
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This is a site with lots of random pages with random things on it...  
A random facts page, random laws, random phobias...  
rather interesting a boredom-curing.
a bit of fun and fancy for you.
Pig Absorbent Pads
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Who knew this company was out there, and who knew absorbent pads could be so specific?  
"When Wezzo guested here recently, he showed us the latest TV spot from sex chain Ann Summers, featuring women reaching a yuletide climax (which in turn was probably inspired by Romantic Death by The Sun and THEIR inspiration, Beautiful Agony).  
When you look at those clips, it's clear that the ones from Beautiful Agony have an “authenticity” that the Ann Summers actresses can't quite muster. Which got me thinking of some of the most outrageous orgasms of mainstream cinema. I bypassed porn, adult movies, Last Tango in Paris and the like, and concentrated more on mainstream films to bring you this countdown. So come with us now, as we build inexorably to a climax with our list of Ten Great Hollywood Orgasms. "  
due to content I'm labeling this NSFW.