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This is another side of the story to consider regards to the NI bank robbery that has taken on a circus like mentality of bashing for personal political motives.  
It is indeed possible the recent bank robbery holds a similar unseen scenario. ( unseen by those whom are unaware of history)  
"In 1973, two self-proclaimed British spies, Keith and Kenneth Littlejohn, were convicted and jailed for a £67,000 armed robbery at a Dublin bank - it was at that time the biggest robbery to date in Irish history.  
During their trial the brothers said they were working for the British Government against the IRA. They said they had been told to stage the robbery to discredit the republican organisation and force the Irish Government to introduce tougher measures against its members."  
The recent robbery has taken on a cirus like atmosphere of dirty poltics and mud slanging that is destroying the peace process. Unsubstantiated allegations are of no purpose to peace. As Gerry Adsms said in response to the Taoiseach's claims that he had prior knowledge "Put up or shut up, If I had knowledge of it, then you are obligated to arrest me".  
To date, no SF member is being held or is under arrest in relation to the heist.  
keeping women in their place by removing the clitoris and labia?  
a somewhat indepth description of the whys and hows ( hopefully not how-to(s) ) of the brutal practise of female genital mutilation practised mostly in Africa where it is culturally accepted. ( accpted as absurd yet necessary no doubt by the women).  
Amnesty international's been on the case.  
link tells of the procedures ,  
the physical and psychologivcal effects it has on women whom are literally dying over it.  
"Control of women's sexuality and reproductive functions  
In many societies, an important reason given for FGM is the belief that it reduces a woman's desire for sex, therefore reducing the chance of sex outside marriage. The ability of unmutilated women to be faithful through their own choice is doubted. In many FGM-practising societies, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a woman to marry if she has not undergone mutilation. In the case of infibulation, a woman is "sewn up" and "opened" only for her husband. Societies that practise infibulation are strongly patriarchal. Preventing women from indulging in "illegitimate" sex, and protecting them from unwilling sexual relations, are vital because the honour of the whole family is seen to be dependent on it. Infibulation does not, however, provide a guarantee against "illegitimate" sex, as a woman can be "opened" and "closed" again. "  
regards given to a link by kid-ney which touched upon the matter but not at all in the same way this link does:"REVERSING FEMALE CIRCUMCISION "  
Link #20613 put up in 2003.  
Bored with stamp collecting or baking cookies for diversion?  
Perhaps you need something a bit more exciting?  
*This site goes into the psyche and all the DOs and DONTs required to be a successful freedom fighter and/or guerrilla.*  
if you're country is occupied by invaders or a brutal/sectarian regime, guerrilla warfare may just be the thrill your seeking.  
after all, oppression is a big NO NO and is NEVER in fashion.  
save your nation and wear smart-looking camouflage gear to boot!  
What more can you ask for?  
its actually a very serious and informed link and no i am not encouraging people to go out and act on the info.  
....and they are now protesting on a grand scale.....  
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South Armagh is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Towering mountains, rolling fields, rivers, loughs and picturesque villages, together with ancient monuments combine to produce an area of outstanding natural beauty, which should be a magnet for tourists and a joy to its inhabitants.  
It was all of these things until the British Government decided to impose a military occupation on a scale unheard of in this country since the 1920s. The British Army began fortifying hilltops and villages in the 1980s. The busiest helicopter base in Western Europe was established in Bessbrook, effectively cutting the village in half. Huge installations were built beside schools and churches, forcing the closure of one large primary school at Clough and prompting teachers across the county to publicly express their concerns for the welfare of their pupils — most notably in Forkhill where the installation's helicopter landing area is just yards from the school building.  
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English as the predominant global language in many ways is ****A global loss****  
"Because we happen to be English-speaking and since English is used more and more as the language of international business and finance and as a vehicular language between countries and continents, we often allow ourselves to be lured into the false comfort that by speaking English we can “get by” in an international context. This belief may often prove true, if only on a superficial level. For language is not just a vehicle of communication, it also expresses a culture and a way of life. For every language that English replaces, a culture, a way of thinking, and a way of life dies too, and this new homogenised world becomes a poorer place.  
This trend of Anglicisation has been widely commented on, it is its future projection that will produce remarkable consequences. Many languages may not die out in the next generation, but merely become redundant curiosities. They will become like Irish – codified, respected and sadly largely useless, or worse still like Manx, the last speaker of which died a generation ago on the Isle of Man. As people with these languages seek to bustle in the wider world, their native tongues will cease to be used. Everywhere from businesses to universities to diplomatic corps, the learning of foreign “local” languages will be on the  
wane.This is not merely a long-term trend: the cumulative effect will be quickly felt."  
****BTW MANX is not a dead language.There are Manx radio stations etc and the Irish language is often a necessity where i am. I agree with the jist of this article but these are a couple innaccuracies. Irish is, indeed often codified so if you dont like the way i type/speak then now you know of codification and bucking the trend. i was raised to buck anglicisation.  
Also the large Spanish speaking population will put potential U.S. presidents at a disadvantage.  
OK to dress like a slag but not to carry a condom?  
50% of girls don’t know the fertile time of the month.Why wont 25% of active girls carry condoms?  
while the media promotes sex, what is the education system doing to prepare kids on the matter of sex,pregnancy prevention and just what is the responsibility of the schools?  
What approach should they take?  
kids are getting pissed and pregnant and they are improperly educated on sex and pregnancy.  
what do we do about it? leave it up to the schools as the homeplace is often ineffective on the matter for one reason or another?  
Or, are the schools part of the problem.  
are they less equipped to teach on the matter and so part of the problem?  
Direct audio link to a frank radio debate over the issue. ( direct link to real player)  
From somewhere round the year 800 a.d.,the Book of Kells, a masterpiece of western art, is the most recognized and most remarkable artifact of medieval Celtic art. It features page after page of lavish, colorful lettering, illumination, decoration and illustration. To a large extent, the great reputation which Celtic art and design have today is based on the exceptional quality of the images found in the Book of Kells.  
this site displays and translates the meaning of 5 of its folios. just click on the folio of choice to view each detailed translation of the incredible artwork. My favourite is number 5,the 'chi-rho' (XPI)page.  
they are trying to sell you something on the site, but are giving you free and valuable art and info.  
this other site has thumbnails of some of the art: http://www.snake.net/people/paul/kells/thumbnails
a photo tour of Trinity College Dublin,whose library is home to the Book of Kells.  
this is my University where I got my got my degree and had a grand time.  
This site has 125 thumbnails to click on.  
The University of Dublin, Trinity College was founded in 1592. The city centre campus occupies some 47 acres (including the Trinity College Enterprise Centre).There is in excess of 200,000 m2 of buildings, including beautiful historic architecture and state-of-the-art modern facilities.  
the Library is the largest research library in Ireland and one of the largest libraries in Europe. It contains a bookstock of 4.25 million volumes, 30,000 current serials, significant holdings of maps and music and an extensive collection of manuscripts and the famous Book of Kells.  
Title is a question that surely appears to be a correct statement. This is to correlate with the below link on the trial finally brought on Ken Barrett for killing Finucane.  
**Pat Finucane was shot dead by two masked men on 12 February 1989 in front of his wife and three children. His wife, Geraldine, was also injured in the attack.****  
One of the weapons used in the attack was one of 13 weapons stolen from a British Army barracks in 1987 by a serving member of the British Army's UDR regiment.  
The killing of Pat Finucane took place in the context of frequent allegations that RUC officers made regular threats against, or derogatory comments about defence lawyers to detainees. Such allegations have been recorded by Amnesty International, the London based British Irish Rights Watch, Helsinki Watch and the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.  
Ken Barrett for years admitted publicly and openly to the famous murder of lawyer Pat Finucane. So, why is he only now on trial? Because of trustworthy sources whom admit that British intelligence forces helped along in the murder.  
Ex-CID sergeant Johnston Brown said he was present in a car when Barrett made the claim during a conversation being taped by RUC Special Branch.  
Brian Nelson, the British military intelligence agent who also served as chief intelligence officer of the UDA,( an illegal paramilitary organisation), alleged after his conviction on other charges that he had directly assisted in the targeting of Pat Finucane.  
According to the journal written by Nelson, and was quoted on it during the BBC Panorama programme on June 1992.  
Barrett even admitted on the same BBC programme that he himself murdered Pat Finucane.  
The British forces were involved in the encouragement and assistance of Finucane's murder as many people suspected and now see it in admitted truth. This is why cover ups for years has taken so long for Barrett to be put to trial. Who wants some guy on trial saying the army forces and affiliated police forces assisted him? Would look very bad, wouldn't it?  
Now, it all comes out.  
The Finucane family have been campaigning for the truth for years to solve the so called "mystery" of the Finucane murder.They've agonised over it.
The mything links
Posted by TheNATTeam in the good ol' days 14 years ago
stunning artwork covers this site.  
all about the many myths and legends that have drawn so many of us in to contemplate their wonder or to scientifically give them some validity.  
its amazing how these myths effect reality today.  
"It is no accident that Europe was named for a strong, but trusting young woman who was raped by the Greek god Zeus. This suggests that the archetype of female-negation is ingrained at the very deepest levels of Eurocentric culture. In many places, whether by Zeus, clergy, politicians, or mates, the 'divinely sanctioned' oppression of women continues largely unabated."  
there are SEVERAL grand links not only of mythology but of archaelogy etc, many of which are also with lovely artwork.  
Paleolithic to Bronze Age Europe  
Eastern & Western European  
Earth-Based Ways (Wicca)  
European Colonialism: Individuation, Seeing-through, and Liberation: Depth Psychology and Colonialism  
and much much more are linked boldly on this site.  
a feast of knowledge.
Dennis Clark, an Irish-American historian, wrote in The Irish in Philadelphia that the famine was "the culmination of generations of neglect, misrule and repression. It was an epic of English colonial cruelty and inadequacy. For the landless cabin dwellers it meant emigration or extinction...  
England had presided over an epochal disaster too monstrous and too impersonal to be a mere product of individual ill-will or the fiendish outcome of a well-planned conspiracy. It was something worse: the cumulative antagonism and corruption of the English ruling class was visited with crushing intensity upon a long-enfeebled foe. It was as close to genocide as colonialism would come in the nineteenth century."  
"In order to 'sin to drive out sin,' Rasputin,the debauched, lecherous peasant adopted the robes of a monk, developed his own self-gratifying doctrines, traveled the country as a "staretz" and sinned to his heart's content."  
"Drunkenness, stealing and womanizing were activities particularly enjoyed by the dissolute young man. Rasputin in fact was a man with a debauched, and endless, sexual appetite.  
Rasputin was a close advisor the the  
tsar of Russia during WWI.  
**he eerily seemed indestructable as assasination attempts were made on him.****  
This is the personal account of his most difficult to accomplish death as witnessed by one of his assassins in their attempts to free  
Russia from "the vilest tyrant in her history"  
In other readings, Rasputin actually laughed aloud in recounting a tale in how he once purposely bit a woman's finger off.  
His death was frighteningly difficult to accomplish.  
"Caoimhe Butterly, just ended a 13 day hungerstrike she held in protest over the treatment of Palestinians, and conducted her action outside the Dublin offices of Cement Roadstone Holdings, Ireland's largest cement firm.  
The company is linked to the 360km "apartheid wall" being build by Israel through the West Bank, providing raw materials for the project through subsidiary companies Mashav Group and Nesher Cement.  
She urges the public to boycott the Irish cement firm and all Israeli goods.  
a 13-day hunger strike. "  
the link above is of an article done whilst she was still in hungerstrike, unlike the info above, done after.  
"In scenes unimaginable before the 11-year-old Irish peace process began, top IRA men rushed to rescue a dozen besieged British soldiers from a stick-wielding mob of pro-Irish nationalists.  
Many of the IRA men, along with top officials of the Sinn Fein party, endured heavy verbal and physical abuse from the angry crowd as they struggled to quell the intermittent rioting."  
politicians stopping the rogue dissident nationalists whom are used as an excuse to slag the IRA. good idea.