Because f**k it, if there hasnt been a straight music video post on LF in ages due to respect of the curation of worthwhile content, this will suffer the slings and arrows of our standards. All hail Kate Bush.

A fantastic video podcast series documenting the highs and lows of everything pro wrestling outside of 1998-2002, especially the Hulkamania era. I recommend the entirety, but this is a good starting point as any.  
It should be noted the UK, and Ireland in particular, are exceptionally good at wrestling podcasts. Who can say why...
Everything Is Terrible
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EIT is a group dedicated to editing found footage, industrial training videos, home movies, Christian entertainment, and generally anything that was ever published on VHS. They have an incredible backlog going back years worth of posts, and the core editors take great care into editing VHS the old-fashioned way, allowing for wonderous abominations (Commodore Gilgamesh is my GOAT). While their current homepage does not make it easy to find the classics, I beseech thee to use the "search tags" function at the top. Christian, Dance, and Psalty are good baselines, just let your fingers do the walking from there.  
I literally cannot recommend this site any harder.
What is online community? How has it evolved since the days of the electronic Bulletin Board through blogs, social media and online game? How will on evolve over the next 20 years with the evolution of social technology, mobile and wearable technology, augmented reality, big data, machine learning? What impact do online communities have on real-world communities? on buying behaviour? on politics and governance? How will the evolution of community impact our economy, democracy, the arts, and on consciousness itself?
The vocoder was invented to improve telecommunications in the 1930s and re-purposed by the military to mask speech among officials during World War II. By the 1980s, artists like Afrika Bambaataa and Zapp began using it as a musical instrument. The sound caught on and has remained one of the most influential movements in music to this day, although Auto-Tune (not included on the list), has mostly replaced it.  
Writer Dave Tompkins is somewhat of a vocoder historian; the legendary music journalist wrote a book this year, How To Wreck A Nice Beach, chronicling the machine's history. (The book includes a chapter on Talkbox, vocoder's funkier twin sister, which explains its inclusion on parts of the list.) Musicians have been trying to sound like robots for years, and this Tompkins-curated list of The 50 Greatest Vocoder Songs is the ultimate guide to the machine's best moments.
Introducing the INTIMIDATOR Puzzle Sculpture. This design is by far my most complex metal sculpture and it's both mentally and physically intimidating, thus the name. For those challenged by Micro-Conundrum, I suggest giving this sculpture a wide berth. This design expands the limits of what is considered possible for a puzzle; it's a puzzle with an intimidating function.  
In June 2009, starting with a few extra parts from my Labyrinth sculpture, I began working night and day creating this sculpture. It grew to eight inches tall, four inches deep and five inches wide; there's a lot of volume to fill with interlocking parts and assembly of this puzzle is extremely difficult; you'll need a lot of time on your hands. Physically, it tips the scale at over 40 pounds.
Modeling the absence of centrifugal force  
The following is not a futuristic scenario. It is not science fiction. It is a demonstration of the capabilities of GIS to model the results of an extremely unlikely, yet intellectually fascinating query: What would happen if the earth stopped spinning? ArcGIS was used to perform complex raster analysis and volumetric computations and generate maps that visualize these results.
1945-1998 by Isao Hashimoto
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This piece of work is a bird's eye view of the history of nuclear explosions, by scaling down a month length of time into one second. No letter is used for equal messaging to all viewers without language barrier. The blinking light, sound and the numbers on the world map show when, where and how many experiments each country have conducted. I created this work for the means of an interface to the people who are yet to know of the extremely grave, but present problem of the world.  
(starts slow, but man...)
A detailed analysis of why R2D2 and Chewbacca are the most important characters in the entire trilogy.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
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In the late 1950s, psychologist Milton Rokeach was gripped by an eccentric plan. He gathered three psychiatric patients, each with the delusion that they were Jesus Christ, to live together for two years in Ypsilanti State Hospital to see if their beliefs would change.
Sleep is Death
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Sleep is Death is a PC game created by Jason Rohrer. It is a 2 player only game in which the only goal is to play. And make new stories. It's kind of hard to wrap your brain around the core game from someone else trying to explain it, so I'd suggest clicking the slideshow link under the press quotes before I butcher the concept further. Can't wait to play it with the lot of you.  
Jason Rohrer's site.
So, the headlines say somebody else has died due to video game addiction. Yes, it's Korea again.  
What the hell? Look, I'm not saying video games are heroin. I totally get that the victims had other shit going on in their lives. But, half of you reading this know a World of Warcraft addict and experts say video game addiction is a thing. So here's the big question: Are some games intentionally designed to keep you compulsively playing, even when you're not enjoying it?  
Oh, hell yes. And their methods are downright creepy.
Videogame System Swansongs
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Death is important. No matter how you live, it's the last bit that defines your name for the rest of time. Undeniable proof: Elvis was one of the most sexually desired men in history, but you're picturing him dead on a toilet. Steve Irwin dedicated his life to crocodiles, but everyone thinks "manta ray." And despite an extraordinarily successful career based entirely on turning left, most people only heard of Dale Earnhardt when he tried turning right.  
In this article we'll chronicle the last games of history's consoles -- and we'll rate how true they are to their system's memory with our patented Console Emulation Factor scores. For example, a game about being nice to people on Xbox Live would score a Console Emulation Factor value of "Opposite Universe," while a PS3 game about spending hundreds of dollars and waiting years for it to be worth it would get "Accurate, if rather cliche at this stage."  
Emmy-winning actor Rip Torn was arrested Saturday for allegedly breaking into a bank in Salisbury, Conn., where he's a resident.  
Police described the incident as a booze-inspired bank job. In a statement, cops say they responded to an alarm at 9:40 Friday and found Torn "with a loaded revolver, and was highly intoxicated."
We would say it’s probably the most brutal true story you’ll read today. Doctors would say it’s a case of impregnation via the proximal gastrointestinal tract in a patient with an aplastic distal vagina. May we add that this is not the usual Standard Madness attempt at being humorous, it’s a factual story and we believe that anyone who thinks medical conditions are funny is a lesser human being.  
Let’s take it step by step...