Transistori is a percussion group from Oulu, Finland. Specialized in self-made instruments built from scrap and recycled material. Transistori's music is improvisation, which requires listening to the other group members and knowing their playing style by heart.  
The Shooting took place in a closed power plant at the Toppila cellulose factory built in the 1930's  
Transistori was challenged to play the old factory hall and utilize the sounds found there, as well as their own instruments.  
The documentary is divided into three parts. Each part consists of one set. The sets were recorded on six cameras and twenty microphones. No overdubs have been made.  
The documentary uses visual means to explore the true essence of Transistori behind the soundscapes and rhythms.  
Director: Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen  
Performers: Otto Byström, Jouni Haapakoski, Pekka Heinonen, Jaakko Jokipii, Aki Latvamäki, Olli Miettinen, Lauri Sallamo  
Neat color illusion
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Black and white picture in color? Please someone tell me how this works. PS. NOT a scare-the-hell-out-of-your-kids - prank.
Seamless Pictures
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Dream-like paintings. Absolutely beautiful.
The veteran Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer has died in a Havana hospital, aged 78.  
Shame, but we all have to go someday.
Mammatus Clouds
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Do you know what mammatus clouds are? Well neither did I before I came across these pictures. Check out the links on this page as well.
The IRC Bible
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For centuries, humanity has been lost and wandering...  
Till one day, early 2004, someone typed in the right words in the mother of all search engines...  
And stumbled on to:  
The original IRC logs to the bible.  
Maybe this is how it really happened! Funny IRC-version of some of the most memorable events in the bible. Probably not funny unless you are an IRC-fiend like me. ;)  
NOT WHITNEY HOUSTON, but a smaller celebrity. Freaks out and tries to kill himself - ends up digging his eye out.  
Hilarious transvestite
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Ivar likes to dress like a girl. Or almost like one. Pictures of him wearing high heels and drinking beer - nothing rude or shocking if you can handle your average-Joe wearing women's clothes. If you desire larger versions of the pictures, try the address for the image itself.
Supercooled water on Geneva
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Supercooled rainwater created amazing "ice sculptures" in Geneva a few days ago. Very cool pictures!
Words of Wisdom from Swiss Tony
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Ever wondered how sex is like answering a phone? Words of wisdom indeed!