The Black Death Challenge was created by John Simeone, coach of Team Top Gun at Ft. Polk, LA, whose rules are a little more formal than we'll be concerned with here.  
At the heart of the game is the Black Death Target (BDT), which consists of five square black targets with a white circle and black dot in the center -- the "good shot" area.  
The object of the game is the highest score you can get with five shots in the white -- 50 being the best and known as "Maxing the BDT."  
The trick of the game is keeping all your shots from even touching any of the surrounding black area.  
The white circles and their points per shot are:  
* 1-1/2 inches (1 point)  
* 1 inch (3 points)  
* 3/4 inch (5 points)  
* 5/8 inch (7 points)  
* 1/2 inch (10 points)  
VertiSim is a 3-D simulation of the immortal Mattel toy from the 1970s, the Vertibird. If you had (or wanted one) of these toys as a kid, you'll appreciate this program. Otherwise, you're probably on the wrong page, hehe. In addition to simulating a Vertibird, my program also has the added twist of being able to place the pilot inside the helicopter cockpit. Very cool! Think you're good? Try picking up the astronaut accessory from inside the helicopter!  
Free Game, If you had an original VertiBird you'll love it.
Thunder Over Louisville
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Now in its 17th year, Thunder Over Louisville continues to deliver a pyrotechnics spectacular like no other. Created as the Opening Ceremonies of the Kentucky Derby Festival, it offers an explosive kick-off to two entire weeks of celebration in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. With an estimated average attendance of half a million people, it has become the largest annual event in its region.  
The show continues to be the largest annual pyrotechnics display in North America thanks to the artistry of Zambelli Internationale and the production of Visual Presentations.  
Zambelli Internationale utilizes eight tractor trailers filled with nearly 60 tons of fireworks shells. The physical set-up includes 250 tons of launching tubes, some as high as 10 feet with a diameter of 1 and 1/2 feet. Two million pounds of sand will pack the firing tubes on 1,800 feet of barges. Almost 700 miles of wire cable connecting 20 firing boards are tied to the command post for synchronization to the music.  
Thunder Over Louisville on Wikipedia.  
This is tonight, the fireworks will be starting in about ten minutes and will last for a full thirty minutes.  
A miniature firearm, by definition, is identical to the larger weapon it is modeled on in every way except size. The metal is the same alloy, hardness and color. The hardwood grips are checkered in the same patterns. The interiors of the barrels duplicate the rifling. In short, every aspect of the original is re-created, down to barely visible engraving.  
More about David Kucer's life here.
Face Analyzer
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How it works  
By using state of the art facial recognition technology and the most recent developments in the field of evolutionary psychology we are able to provide you with a patented process that correlates facial characteristics to personality traits. Our Biometric software allows us to automatically find and measure certain key facial features. We use these measurements with our algorithms to determine your inherent personality profile.  
1) Take a clear front shot of your face with even indoor lighting.  
2) Click the Browse button and select your picture.  
3) Press Submit.  
Requires registration(free), use BugMeNot
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Are you thinking about VOIP? will test your connection by making a call (free) and display the results.  
*Requires Java  
*Firefox users: the popular "AdBlock" browser extension hangs Firefox when you try to run the TestYourVoIP tests.  
Although my connection did not score very well, my VOIP calls are great. I use a Linksys PAP2-NA and a cordless phone with as my provider.
Free File Host Comparison
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List of free file hosts and information about them divided into the these categories:  
Free File Hosts, no registration  
Free File Hosts with registration  
Free Image Hosts, no registration  
Free Image Hosts with registration  
Lists filesize, space, bandwidth, filetypes, hotlinking and how long the file will be available.
I have been working on my improving the Levin et al. algorithm, and I've now completed a fairly usable beta version of my software, called Recolored. To colorize a photo in Recolored you just add markings to the different regions of the image, indicating which colors they should have.  
Includes examples. The program is pretty cool and easy to use. Also runs fine under Wine on Ubuntu.
The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that U.S. consumers be entitled to a free credit report each year. The government’s goal is to make sure that consumers stay informed, fight identity theft, and get fair treatment.  
You can also call the major credit agencies directly and ask about a free credit report. However, the FCRA-mandated “Annual Free Credit Reports” are only available through the website and phone number above. In other words, you might have to pay if you contact a credit agency directly.  
I cannot overemphasize that the only way to get your annual free credit report is by using the organization above. If you go any other route, you may have to pay or subscribe to a private service.  
HERE is a link to the site about it.  
I looked at my credit report and found a few suspicious items that my ex-wife is responsible for.  
My friend sent me an IM and asked, "OP, I wonder how difficult it is to shoot a lock off? I've seen it done on TV and in movies, but wonder if it is as easy as they show it to be. How about if I send you some funds to buy some locks. Will you shoot them and report back?"  
The only answer was, "Sure! Why not?"  
The rest of the site is pretty interesting also. Shotguns VS walls, bulletproof glass, body armor, etc.
I bought these for my truck cuz i was gonna go sfa on it, but decided against it. I think the cheapest you can find these on ebay are like 175. I want $125 + shipping. firm  
Where are you located?  
Is this the whole axle? Gears only or Gears & shafts?  
I'm very interested.  
You advertised these at $100 before you changed them to $125.  
I paid you $100 +$15 for for shipping several weeks ago.  
Bait & switch practices are not allowed on POR.  
Please Send me my Gears today.  
PS-The Mods have been informed & saved the thread before you modified it  
And 35 pages of him getting his ass handed to him. Phone numbers, address, highschool yearbook and baby photos, family photos, etc. Give your self a few hours to read it.
Fix the Firefox Memory Leak
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So if you’ve used Firefox you’ve probably noticed that it suffers from what can be described as a fairly harsh “memory leak”. The main cause of the problem appears to lie within the plugin for Flash content. There are 2 workarounds that I’ve located.  
The first is rather straightforward and simple but wasn’t practical for me. All you have to do is un-install/remove the flash plugin and performance increases significantly.  
The other option (and the one I’m using) requires you to make some changes to the Firefox configuration. This is how you fix this “memory leak” problem. (It’s not actually a leak, it just doesn’t flush the cache it has.)  
Worked great for me.
Black Friday AdScans
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Most store's Black Friday ads usually do not come out until the week of Thanksgiving, usually the day before Thanksgiving (this year, that would be November 25th). All deals posted on are to be regarded as rumors because there is never 100% confirmation until the real ads come out. However, in the past years, these rumors have had a high success rate of being true.  
From Wal-Mart  
HP Pavillion 1203w-b Desktop w /15" LCD Monitor $398  
HP Pavillion ze2308wm Notebook Computer $398  
For the bargain hunters, personally I don't leave the house that day. Too much traffic and crazy people for me.
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My Mobile Toy is different from the majority of mobile content websites and here is how. Instead of offering the same pre-made content for everyone - pictures, logos, ringtones - gives you the possibility to upload your own pictures and music to your phone without need for additional software and cables.  
Website is free and very easy to use. I made some Linkfilter wallpapers, look in the comments for them.  
Rent My DVR
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Use Rent my DVR to find someone that will record your TV show for you.  
1. Browse for your favorite TV show.  
2. File a request to have someone record it for you.  
3. Rent my DVR will find someone that will hire his/her DVR to you.  
4. The hirer will record the show for you.  
5. Download the TV show to your computer.  
6. Watch it whenever you like!  
From Lifehacker