Martha gets Out
Posted by boxorocks in strangely funny 14 years ago
Martha Stewart contemplates her 5 month home detention. "At least I'll  
have access to make-up," she said, "I really missed not being able  
to moisturize inside the prison."
I live in a world where this goes on and I didn't know about it?  
"this time fighting include, Blind person VS mentaly ilness person, Handicapped father VS non handicapped son, Handicapped male VS non handicapped female, and so on. This time I upload movie also, Enjoy it."
Greenpeace Pummeled
Posted by boxorocks in current events 14 years ago
WHEN 35 Greenpeace protesters stormed the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) yesterday they had planned the operation in great detail.  
What they were not prepared for was the post-prandial aggression of oil traders who kicked and punched them back on to the pavement.  
“We bit off more than we could chew. They were just Cockney barrow boy spivs. Total thugs,” one protester said, rubbing his bruised skull. “I’ve never seen anyone less amenable to listening to our point of view.”