I firmly believe that moving the masses away from foods that harm both the climate and animals requires making better, rather than merely more ethical, products.

I find Oatmilk, and Oatly specifically, to be one of these products. It doesn't taste or feel like it's trying to be a milk replacement. It's its own thing and is particularly good in coffee drinks, foaming up better and more quickly than just about anything else, and tasking quite good in the end result. It even has a natural sweetness that can lead some, but not all, folks to leave sugar out of their coffee.

It's also pretty darn good with a chocolate chip cookie.

Lisa The Feminist

AV Club episode recaps are serious business:

"With apologies to Leslie Knope, Maude, and other distinguished broads who stood up for their rights and refused to back down in the face of male oppression and shit, Lisa Simpson is television’s greatest and most enduring feminist in part because her mother represents such a tragicomic example of a smart, beautiful, passionate, and idealistic woman sacrificing her own needs to serve the needs of an oafish brute and his unappreciative brood. Marge stands as a harrowing cautionary warning of what happens when a remarkable woman accepts society’s retrograde notion of how a wife and mother should behave rather than pursuing her own passions.

Lisa’s personality is in many ways a reaction and a response to her mother’s smiling servility, her self-negating willingness to suffer so that her children and her husband never have to."

Khalid, a Democrat, was unsettled by the fact that someone had posted her address on social media. But she was also worried that the hate-fueled attacks would become a distraction. So she deleted her Facebook account, asked friends to look out for worrisome comments, and went back to pounding the streets with her leaflets and her clipboard.

On Tuesday night, she won her race by a significant margin. The victory, she told supporters, showed that “community organizers beat Internet trolls.”

People who believe in superintelligence present an interesting case, because many of them are freakishly smart. They can argue you into the ground. But are their arguments right, or is there just something about very smart minds that leaves them vulnerable to religious conversion about AI risk, and makes them particularly persuasive?

Is the idea of "superintelligence" just a memetic hazard?

For cocaine users, a rolled up $20 bill may be the most convenient tool for snorting the powder form of the drug. Or so it would seem from a new analysis of 234 banknotes from 18 U.S. cities that found cocaine on 90 percent of the bills tested.  

A research report published in Applied Economics has found that the number of patients with violence-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms is related to the price of beer.  

The paper is available online as a pdf and is from Cardiff University's Violence and Society Research Group.

Most people don't appreciate an angry look, but a new University of Michigan psychology study found that some people find angry expressions so rewarding that they will readily learn ways to encourage them.

“it takes more than 100 times the energy to manufacture an alkaline battery than is available during its use phase.” And when the entirety of a battery’s emissions are added up — including sourcing, production, and shipping — its greenhouse gas emissions are 30 times that of the average coal-fired power plant, per watt-hour.

All of which is to say: An appliance powered by an alkaline battery consumes more carbon than an appliance that’s plugged into an electrical outlet, according to the study.

"Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.) [said] that she was “alarmed” by the appointment of Giroir as interim FDA chief, saying that he has a “track record of letting ideology drive decisions at the expense of women and families.” An aide said the senator was referring to Giroir’s involvement in policy changes that reduce women’s access to health care, in particular reproductive rights."

Posting calorie counts in restaurants doesn't decrease caloric intake. But something much simpler does the trick.

Dan Piepenbring was going to write a book with Prince, then Prince died. Here's his experience leading up to the tragedy.

" ‘Hard Knock Life’ was done at first without my knowledge, and then it was sent to me to get permission. If the request had come without the song, I don’t think I would have done it. Saying you want to make a 'ghetto anthem’ is unspecific. It had to be demonstrated instead of just talked about. Here was a serious rap artist with a point to make. The fact that [Annie and Jay-z] lived parallel lives that met was exciting."

I was looking for a new battery charger that could make some sense and some better use of my large mishmash of rechargeable AA batteries. I thought I knew what I was looking for until I found this page...

I ended up getting the Zanflare C4 to replace my ailing and discontinued La Crosse BC700.

"This dramatic shift towards bigger and heavier cars has led to a doubling of the share of SUVs over the last decade. As a result, there are now over 200 million SUVs around the world, up from about 35 million in 2010, accounting for 60% of the increase in the global car fleet since 2010. Around 40% of annual car sales today are SUVs, compared with less than 20% a decade ago."

And it's not just America.

Regulation is necessary and while I can see it coming into play in Europe, it's hard to imagine it coming to the U.S. Although, perhaps strong incentives for efficient vehicles could perhaps help.

Journey from the Golden Age of analog mastering to today's digital processes.

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