Google Fixes GMail Flaw
Posted by mmChronic in the wired 14 years ago
The security flaw in Gmail that was linked yesterday has been fixed. Thankfully the GMail coders moved a bit quicker than they did when introducing 'Save Draft' functionality.
Fucking Google It
Posted by mmChronic in the "other" pile 15 years ago
This site is the ideal URL to give to someone repeatedly asking 'where can I find...' questions when you just know they haven't even bothered Googling for it.
Add BugMeNot functionality to Firefox with this neat plugin. Right click on a registered user only page (NYTimes etc) and you get a BugMeNot option which pops up a window with a usr/pw for the site you are on.
Chill Out
Posted by mmChronic in strangely funny 15 years ago
The latest Flash animation from Joel Veitch (Spong Monkeys) and Rob Manuel (Hey Hey 16K) returns to the subject matter of kittens. Enjoy the sight of a kitten whizzing around thd streetsfo London on a motorbike. The title is from the backing track - Chillout by Youth of Britain.
Welcome to Planet Pixar
Posted by mmChronic in entertainment 15 years ago
Pixar was founded in 1986 and 18 years, 5 feature films, 17 Oscars, 42 patents and $2.5 billion in box office receipts later they now 'out-Disney Disney' according to this article at Wired.