An unblinking Christopher Hitchens, live on CNN, delivers up a frank, uncensored and uninhibited rant eviscerating the recently late Elmer Gantry-actalike. To which I say hip hip hooray and about time.  
I first had that sick-at-the-stomach sensation that our democracy might be plunging into an irreversible and precipitately destructive decline when the clown Falwell saw fit to blame 9/11 on all his pet boogeymen on national, prime time TV. Incredulous, I asked my wife WhyTF was this pompous jerk's opinion solicited and broadcast on such a tragic occasion? It had to be symptomatic of something really, really going wrong with America. It woke me up rudely. F**k Falwell and all religious hucksters of his ilk.
In the "four legs good, two legs bad" devolving into "four legs good, two legs better" way that our irresponsible press have about reportage, here's a compendium/reminder of quotes from America's -- ahem -- newspaper of record, in reaction to bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech of oh so many deaths-in-Iraq ago.
For the young and naive proto-ladies out there in LFland: an essential step-by-step etiquette of how to avoid those embarrassing crotch exposures whilst debarking a car. The traditional, non-Brittany Spears, solution. And here's hoping you don't learn your lesson too well.  
If a sly glimpse of pink panties makes your boss see red, this vid is NSFW.
Science more intriguing than sci-fi! Astrophysicists going gaga over a serendipitously observed cosmic event!  
Seems that a recently discovered magnetar (neutron star "the size of a mountain with a magnetic field trillions more powerful than that of Earth") has suddenly and mysteriously modified its rotation rate, speeding up by a thousandth of a second. First the Saturn hexagon, and now this? Say the astrophysicists, WTF???  
... believe me, the article is actually much more interesting than I portray it above. I do loves the astrophysics, I rully do. My descriptions just seem to take off & snideify of their own volition ... humblest apologies.
For a fascinating mathematical experience check this out.  
Sheet music from the lowest circle of Hell.  
Fellow suffering musicians of semi-inspired mediocrity: at long last, a way to shut up even the most prolix of musical progidies, the most boastful of musical wunderkinder. Next time you find yourself mired as the Listener in a one-way cocktail conversation with the next in-his/her-own-mind Thelonious Monk, John Cage, or Toshi Ichiyanagi, lay one of these babies on him/her. Guarantee, he/she won't get past "measure" #2! (Guitar players excepted*.) And Google mp3s at your own risk.  
Ah, but is it music? Is it art? Do we care?  
*lame joke, primarily for the benefit of "other" band members:  
How do you get a guitar player to stop playing?  
Put a chart in front of him.  
This old world gettin' ya down? Up on the roof, being perilously closer to the depleted ozone layer, not workin' for ya any more? Think big, son! I mean, rully big! For a comparative pittance, you, as well as anyone else so inclined, can now and forthwith purchase (the deed to) your own pristine Parallel Universe!!!  
Just anticipate the myriad possibilities as you surf that surgin' probability wave into a bright shiny unsullied neighbor-cosmos of your own ownership, providin' of course there aren't any inconvenient hoodlums who've already set up shop there!  
Intrigued? Wall, pardner, here's how to do it ....
From what other source but New Yawk City would a gentle reader expect ex-cathedra pronouncements like this!  
Still, a fun and interesting site, complete with justifications for the choices ( Tiger Beat????) and squawkage from irate commentators that their particular fave wasn't So Designated.  
If truth be told, I was ready to raise a Squawky comment myself about the non-listing of AvantGarde, but someone, from New Yawk no doubt, beat me to it.  
Kind of the show version of the old "Plan Ahead" signs ...  
Slow start but nice finish. And yes, his name is Mr. Show.
A gift solution for half of your Xmas list. Solves a problem they never knew they had, sorta like Shaky Leg Syndrome, but without involving Big Pharma.  
first part of a unique-gift series I may or may not continue depending on how much "free" research time I have hanging...contributions welcome...
To help kick-start our holiday season, I herewith offer to all LF man- and womankind one blogger's (least?) favorite rendition of a Klassik Krissmas Karol for your auditioning pleasure. No, no, no, never fear, it's not the Jingle Cats or some such -- it's a real live human ... too real, some might say.  
Disclaimer: "Little Sandy Sleighfoot" still ranks as the #1 holiday-cheer song with Pookapooka, even after all these many years.
What a lark! Vid showing some soldier's forearm in the back of a moving vehicle, taunting parched Iraqi kids with a bottle of water.  
And the comments! Straight from the heart of God's most favored nation.  
scroll down to Nov. 2 entries  
As a lighthearted counter to the recent wild charges that Our Empressident's cranial cavity actually did encephalic activity enough for Yale's Abnormally High standards, please behold and thrill to the moldering documents unearthed by his fellow undergrad residential-hall residents, who, innocently rummaging in its catacombs, stumbled across an alternate version of Our Boy's youthful history -- the Official Yale College printed record of Georgie Porgie's Grades 'n' Escapades, Davenport variation.  
Yes, one almost can't help it, ne? A story so compelling: back, back in time our thoughts stray, back, back, before his National Guard episode, before his Yale College hijinks, as we speculate with seemingly perfect justification if even this bozo's Birth Certificate was f**ked with in his favor. Ah, the wondrous perquisites of Extreme Privilege!
Here for your delectation is, according to this source, the lucky-gened female with 2006's mostest.  
She do anything for ya?
Jen of has a foolproof, in her description, method of taking up James Randi's offer of awarding a cool $1 million to the person who can first perform a Scienterrifically valid experiment demonstrating truly paranormal phenomena in his prescience, er, presence. She proposes a mind-control experiment: control, that is, by means of her v*gin*.  
not s*fe for work, if your boss fre*ks out *t the sight of the word "v*gin*"