Manhattan has two genetically distinguishable groups of rats: the uptown rats and the downtown rats, separated by the geographic barrier that is midtown.

“If you gave us a rat, we could tell whether it came from the West Village or the East Village,” says Combs. “They’re actually unique little rat neighbors.” And the boundaries of rat neighborhoods can fit surprisingly well with human ones.

CoinTent is a subscription that lets you remove ads across the entire web while still supporting sites you love. CoinTent removes ads on every site you go to, and distributes the money from your subscription to the sites you visit based on the time you spend with them.

Finally! I've been saying this is how ad blockers should work for years.
A fun interactive map of Game of Thrones. Plot characters paths through as they travel through the series/books.
Otter Source
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The source code to Otter, the software that runs linkfilter.

In fact, most attendees needed little introduction to Gopher — the software had been out for months. It was the developers they were curious about, the Minnesotans who had created the first popular means of accessing the internet. “People we’d never met were telling us how they were using our stuff and adding things to it,” McCahill says. “We had no idea how big Gopher was going to be until we experienced this firsthand and realized that growth could be exponential for a while.”

In the years that followed, the future seemed obvious. The number of Gopher users expanded at orders of magnitude more than the World Wide Web. Gopher developers held gatherings around the country, called GopherCons, and issued a Gopher T-shirt — worn by MTV veejay Adam Curry when he announced the network’s Gopher site. The White House revealed its Gopher site on Good Morning America. In the race to rule the internet, one observer noted, “Gopher seems to have won out.”

A look inside the now defunct Latitude Society..

The first Event was what the Society called Praxis: a ritualistic gathering in the lounge I’d seen on my first day, the lounge with the brass skull.

Praxis always began with a senior Society member retelling the Fable that we’d heard from the glowing book:

There was an island... And at its centre was a village. And on its shore there was a port....
When Pee-wee’s Big Holiday debuts on Netflix tomorrow, it will not only mark the feature-length return of Paul Reubens' bowtie-wearing imp, it will also cement one of the most unlikely pop-culture comebacks of all time.
You may have seen a post making the rounds on social media about declassified Apollo 10 transcripts revealing strange music on the dark side of the moon. Well here's what that actually was.
For now, you can send your annoying telemarketers to my friendly and agreeable robot. It will happily chat with them for several minutes. Then take a moment to recognize the potential of this. If you had a Jolly Roger Telephone bot answering your phone, the autodialers will always think it’s a real person and cut through to an agent. Who cares if they figure it out in just a few minutes? Although typically it’s a lot longer – see my YouTube channel for samples. The point is the autodialers will cut through to an agent every time they hit one of these bots. That will break their business model. It will cut their outbound capacity dramatically.
Interesting use of Slack as a family management tool with some pretty cool integrations.
Twenty Trucks
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Super catchy kids music videos about trucks. We're using these for potty training and our son loves them. The bucket truck video is our favorite.

Lifting up up up in a b-b-bucket truck
Climbing high high high in the sky-y
When it’s tough tough tough and a ladder’s not enough
You need a b-b-b-b-bucket
A bucket on a truck

How Tesla's peer-to-peer model will run circles around Google's collect lots of data and plan ahead strategy.

Renegade BBS
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The Wikipedia entry on Renegade BBS, an inspiration to me from the pre internet days. The linkfilter colors system is based on Renegade.. I can barely remember how it works now.
I Farted On
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An experiment on how long it will take to have this result show up on Google real time search
Open video panel at SXSW
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If you've got a spare moment, show my open video panel some love on the SXSW panel picker.