Left handers are better fighters? Or are most right handed people just not expecting a strong left hook????
Amazing Quicktime VR project... all taken on the same day all over the world!
If you think outsourcing is a problem... when a cat can get an MBA, you know the job market is going to get REALLY competitive :-)  
I wonder how much for a degree in Vet Medicine????
You know you're in trouble when the even folks in the "optimist club" say the glass is half empty!  
And here I thought it was the start of the Merry season...
A change of pace is often much better than a change of scenery... timely book for those finding themselves constantly out of time.
At 1500 calories.... THIS is a burger! No need to "supersize" this puppy :-)
You need money to build a dam...even if you are a beaver :-)  
Apparently it makes good insulation!
You didn't think there could BE any more new advances in the desktop stapler...did you?  
Well...read this and it'll change your mind. You might even want to put it on your Christmas list!
I'm more the play darts, drink beer kind...but I guess this Wales Beer Festival could be fun.  
I think I'll save all the tokens to the end before trading them in for free beer...cycling and drinking beer just doesn't do it for me :-)
Give anybody a few billion years of trial and error and they too will come up with some pretty good engineering solutions :-)  
However, nature is a great place to go for ideas to solutions for a lot of engineering problems.  
Now lets hope we can just keep the bad side effects to a minimum....
We ALL think we are good drivers...and the other guy is the "idiot". Here is a ranking based on some more "objective" data :-)  
All of a sudden...we are all "farmer"!
Yes...it's as stupid as it sounds. The Oil companies should take a page from the razor/razorblade maker and give these away... at $50/barrel of oil, they'll make it back in no time :-)
No doesn't always mean ... "no". At least with college admissions anyway....
Makes sense to me... the heavier the package or passenger, the costlier the ticket. That's how it is with sending packages via the post office, why not on commercial airlines?  
So to really save... go naked and don't carry any luggage?
Would you get a load of that NECKLACE? You didn't notice the necklace did you :-)