Take a photo or photoshop a handheld game system, and win a GBA Movie player (the one that plays movies, music, AND emulates NES games).
Photoshop one of three screenshots from Worlds of Warcraft at this gadget site. Win a coveted WoW beta account!
EA reports Tiger Woods and Need For Speed games as official launch titles for both US and Japan Sony PSP launches. EA also confirmed four more titles for the North American launch.  
Interesting tidbit: The Tiger and NFS titles might be bundled with the system itself.
The GBA Movie Player was recently updated. Now it's smaller and slimmer. It plays movies, MP3s, ebooks, displays pictures, and emulates NES games (upto 192K) on your Game Boy Advance. The games are saved to Compact Flash cards via your PC. The CF card is insterted into the GBA Movie Player and you select the media from a new updated menu. Very convenient.
If you watch the new Star Wars DVD with your Xbox, you get pwn3d! The DVD modifies Xbox Dashboard without notification.  
George Lucas: "Bill, I am your Father."  
Bill Gates: "Nooooooooo!"
Tailored ad "bots" will communicate with users over AIM chat services.
President Bush stressed the importance of spreading freedom in the world and defended his decision to invade Iraq in a speech Tuesday to the U.N. General Assembly.