Each family has its own special holiday traditions. Often times, holiday recipes are passed from one generation to the next. However, if your family does not have a favorite set of recipes or if you're cooking your first Thanksgiving feast this year, this "traditional" menu will give you a nice start. This menu comfortably feeds six with leftovers aplenty.  
Simple recipes for staple Thanksgiving dishes, like candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole along with a few more daring dishes such as Maple Mashed Butternut Squash with Pecans.
Eyes of Veronica Mars
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The Buffy comparisons are obvious: Creator/executive producer Rob Thomas has taken a timeworn genre and connected its trappings to adolescent angst. On Buffy, it was horror as high school: The spawning of creatures from hell was a rich metaphoric playground for the tempestuous realities of getting older. On Veronica, the resolute independence of its lead character is a given from episode one. What the gumshoe fiction template does, then, is showcase how much teenagers are desperate to make sense of, or find the solution to, the chaotic ups and downs of their world. And just like Buffy assembled her own Scooby gang of misfits to battle their literal and figurative demons, the Veronica writers are letting their heroine recruit outsiders to her cause.  
But there’s a mild supernatural angle to Veronica, too, in that Lilly Kane, although dead, is a recurring character. This is mostly due to gauzily shot, kaleidoscopically colored flashbacks in which Veronica replays scenes from their idyllic friendship that act as both nostalgia and nagging uncertainty. Even Lilly’s brother encounters his dead sister, as a blood-drenched hallucination, in one episode. And after the Lynchian brilliance of Lilly’s portentous last words to Veronica before her death — "I’ve got a secret, a good one!" — delivered while the carefree gal pals are in short shorts bouncily scrubbing autos at a dance-team car-wash fund-raiser, it seems the doomed innocence of Laura Palmer is alive/dead and well in TV mythology land.  
I edit the Veronica Mars page at TVtome.
Also called frankfurters, frank, weenie, wienie, wiener, dog, and red hot. A cooked sausage that consists of a combination of beef and pork or all beef, which is cured, smoked, and cooked. Seasonings may include coriander, garlic, ground mustard, nutmeg, salt, sugar, and white pepper. They are fully cooked but are usually served hot. Sizes range from big dinner frankfurters to tiny cocktail size. Hot dogs are among America's favorite foods. Every year, Americans consume on average 60 hot dogs! Hot dogs are primarily regarded as a fun, summertime food, and most are eaten between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Pete Tapang: Fine Art
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The Erotic Art of Pete Tapang.  
"A question you might be thinking about after you see my art is, "Why are most of them women?" Well, people like to draw what they feel is beautiful! Some people like buildings, landscapes, retarded poodles, chipmunks, or even smurfs, but I think that the most beautiful creation that God ever made was the woman, so why not draw that. Throughout the years I have spent drawing, I realized that every artist has a job to do and I believe that my job as an artist is to cause a little trouble and get people to think a little bit. A man once told me that in a world of media bombardment, it's truly a great thing when a simple drawing can still shock and provoke an audience; it shows that the art still has power."
The Prydain Guide
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The Prydain Guide is an online reference work dedicated to The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful series of novels, you may want to check out our Introduction to Prydain to find out more about them. If you already count yourself as a Companion of Prydain, then herein you will find some old friends you still remember, be reminded of some things you have forgotten, and perhaps learn something you never knew. For any and all who visit this site, we hope it will serve as both a valuable resource and a distinct pleasure.  
The Guide is organized as a compilation of individual entries, first divided into categories (such as Characters, Items, Places, etc.) and then arranged alphabetically within those categories. Each entry is a compendium of information for its particular subject matter; for example, the entry for the three enchantresses, Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch, condenses and consolidates virtually everything that can be gleaned from the books about these enigmatic and entrancing characters.  
Many of these entries do contain spoilers, but the spoilers are hidden by default and only appear if you click the "Show Spoiler Information" link on an entry. In this manner, we hope to make browsing safe for persons unfamiliar with any or all of the Chronicles and preserve the surprises for them, with the trust that someday these persons, too, will choose to number themselves among the Companions of Prydain.  
These were some of my favorite books as a kid.
It takes a special place to craft the Official Bat of Major League Baseball. Since 1884, Louisville Slugger has put prime lumber in the hands of the greatest players of the game. A visit to the museum shows you how the sport has changed a bit between then and now, but the "crack of the bat" remains one of the sporting world's most thrilling moments.  
The museum features The World's Biggest Bat! Made of steel, it weighs 68,000 pounds and stands 120-feet tall. The Big Bat is an exact-scale replica of Babe Ruth's 34-inch Louisville Slugger. Bud Hillerich's signature is on the Big Bat, a tribute to the man who turned the company's first bat.
The Warriors movie site
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A site dedicated to the 1979 film, 'The Warriors'. Includes information about the movie, a chat forum, cast info, character info, pictures, sound clips, a FAQ, bloopers, extra scenes, soundtrack info, info on the remake, the Warriors Game and more.
Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, this website is designed to give personal and scholarly perspectives on a major religious event in recent U.S. history. Its primary purpose is to present information about Peoples Temple as accurately and objectively as possible. Being objective means offering as many diverse views and opinions about the Temple and the events in Jonestown as possible.  
Jonestown is a word with several meanings. First, it refers to an agricultural project established by the Peoples Temple, a religious group based in California which moved to Guyana in the late 1970s to establish a religious utopia. Second, it refers to the events of November 18, 1978 in which a U.S. Congressman was assassinated, along with four other individuals, at a jungle airstrip; these tragic killings were followed by the mass suicides/murders of 900 men, women, and children by ingesting potassium cyanide mixed into a vat of punch and tranquilizers. Third, the word "Jonestown" has been used to describe any New Religious Movement which may or may not have the potential for violence, as in "Heaven's Gate was another Jonestown."  
We hope that visitors to the site will come away with an understanding that the story of Jonestown did not start or end on 18 November 1978.
A little history and a variety of recipes for Macaroni and Cheese  
Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular--if not the most popular--American comfort foods. Nearly every soul food cookbook and many Southern cookbooks have recipes for the American favorite, with few differences from one to the next.  
Homemade macaroni and cheese can be a simple layering of cooked macaroni, shredded (or sliced) cheese and salt and pepper, or it can be made with a white sauce-cheese base, topped with more cheese and buttered crumbs before baking. This ever-so-humble dish is delicious and satisfying as is, but you can jazz it up (homemade or package version) with the addition of chopped vegetables, meat, fish or poultry, or your favorite herbs or spices.
Monsters, creatures and freaks. The art of Rion Vernon, former Dreamworks artist.  
Check out his Pin Up Toons as well.
An interactive guide to the Ancient Art Collection of The Art Institute of Chicago. This Web site is named after Cleopatra, queen of Egypt from 51 to 30 B.C., because she embodied the three great cultures of the ancient Mediterranean region: she was Greek by birth, ruled Egypt as its queen, and lost her kingdom to Rome.
Life as His
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This is a very well written blog that details the lifestyle of a willing (and happy) sex slave.  
If you are are offended by frank and open discussion of alternative lifestyles, sex or BDSM then please don't read or comment.  
She puts a lot of herself into her blog. If you aren't interested or are offended by the lifestyle, please, simply don't click through.  
Anais Nin
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A site devoted to the writer Anais Nin. Includes a very thorough biography and excerpts from her writings.  
I'm marking it not work safe because some of her work is erotica, but I think it's a fairly safe.
Enthusiastic skywatchers try to never miss a total eclipse of the Moon. The spectacle is often more beautiful and interesting than one would think. The next opportunity is Wednesday, Oct. 27.  
This chronology includes some of the things you might expect to see. Probably not all of those mentioned will occur because no two eclipses are exactly the same. But many will, and those who know what to look for have a better chance of seeing it!  
This is the first Presidential endorsement in the New Yorker's 80 year history.  
Issue of 2004-11-01  
Posted 2004-10-25  
This Presidential campaign has been as ugly and as bitter as any in American memory. The ugliness has flowed mostly in one direction, reaching its apotheosis in the effort, undertaken by a supposedly independent group financed by friends of the incumbent, to portray the challenger—who in his mid-twenties was an exemplary combatant in both the Vietnam War and the movement to end that war—as a coward and a traitor. The bitterness has been felt mostly by the challenger’s adherents; yet there has been more than enough to go around. This is one campaign in which no one thinks of having the band strike up “Happy Days Are Here Again.”  
It's a long article detailing why they are endorsing Kerry. Here's the end of the article:  
In campaigning for America’s mainstream restoration, Kerry has insisted that this election ought to be decided on the urgent issues of our moment, the issues that will define American life for the coming half century. That insistence is a measure of his character. He is plainly the better choice. As observers, reporters, and commentators we will hold him to the highest standards of honesty and performance. For now, as citizens, we hope for his victory.