There are literally thousands of Web 2.0 social bookmarking and news sites on the web these days. Everyone knows about Digg, Technorati, and other Web 2.0 powerhouses, but what about the myriad of smaller and specialty sites. In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, I've spent the last 3 weeks visiting and trying out over 500 of these sites, and have compiled a list of the top 10 under rated Web 2.0 sites.  
Look at who's #2!  
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My nightmare began on September 26, 2002. I was transiting through New York airport, JFK Airport, when they asked me to wait in a waiting area. I found that to be strange. Shortly after, some FBI officials came to see me and they asked me whether, I was willing to be interviewed.  
An extraordinary story about the detention and torture of an innocent man.
The Ambien Cookbook
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Sorpresa con Queso  
7 bags Cheetos-brand cheese snacks  
17 to 19 glasses tap water  
5 mg. Ambien  
Place Cheetos bags in cupboard.  
Take Ambien, fall asleep.  
Wait 2-3 hours, then sleepwalk to kitchen, tear cupboard doors off hinges in search of Cheetos.  
Find Cheetos, eat contents of all 7 bags.  
Fall back asleep on kitchen floor.  
When awakened by early-morning sunlight, get up and say, “What the—?”  
Wipe orange Cheetos dust from fingers, face, and hair.  
Drink 17 to 19 glasses of water from kitchen tap.  
Return to bed.
In an horrific incident of Christian persecution on September 1, some unidentified militants slew two children of a missionary couple who is working with At Any Cost Jesus Mission, a underground ministry evangelizing to the Muslim nations.  
A press release sent via e-mail to ANS by Any Cost Jesus Mission said that the assailants torched the dead bodies of teenaged children Shalom, 15 and Sharon 14 after murdering them brutally in the northern district of Pakistan.  
NSFW, due to disturbing content.
U.S. intelligence officials believe that Cuban President Fidel Castro has terminal cancer and will not return to power, despite statements by that country's government that he will return to his post once he recovers from the abdominal surgery he had in July, according to a report in Time magazine.
Bobblehead Mohammed
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These are 10oz. ceramic bobbleheads, not cheap plastic. PERFECT stocking stuffers for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, if you're a twisted freak like me.  
You knew this had to happen. And btw, the 'hate mail' section is pretty funny.
Cover Letters from Hell
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Along with every résumé we get is a cover letter. Composing one seems to have a Difficulty Rating of 11, since that's where we find the most tortured prose ever set to paper. For example:  
"I expect the position to pay commissary to that of its value, as well as to the performance completed."  
Or, decode this:  
"It is my desire to develop and generate the revolving scheme to filter to the consuming public in."  
Below are a couple dozen examples gleaned from these efforts, to amaze and horrify you. It's an ever-changing gallery of mangled syntax and/or obtuseness, since a new monstrosity arrives about weekly.
I remember being a little kid and looking forward to the day that some of these items would actually exist because by then I would be a grown up and I would be able to afford them. Well I’m all grown up. I can probably even afford them (in an interest-free-monthly-installment kind of way). So where are they?
A police sting took an odd turn when an officer pretending to be a john met a suspected prostitute pretending to be an officer.
The Ryder Cup is more than a golf event -- it's a social scene, with the players' wives and girlfriends (conveniently nicknamed the WaGs) part of the show. Planned excursions during the day, formal dinners at night -- it's nice to be in Ireland this week. And while the competition is heated between the U.S. and European men, the women (such as Luke Donald's fiancee, Diana Antonopoulos, and Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren) show us that civility remains a Ryder Cup staple.
Human embryonic stem cells can partly restore vision in blinded rats, and may offer a source of transplants for people with certain eye diseases, researchers at a U.S. company reported on Thursday.
Muslim violence
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If it weren't so sickening, it would be farcical: A line in the pope's speech suggests that Islam has a dark history of violence, and offended Muslims vent their displeasure by howling for his death, firebombing churches, and attacking innocent Christians. One of the points Benedict made in his speech at the University of Regensburg was that religious faith untethered by reason can lead to savagery. The mobs denouncing him could hardly have done a better job of proving him right.
A testament for Trekkies
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A PREACHER has decided to boldly go where no cleric has gone before by writing the gospel according to Star Trek.  
Alyson Leslie, an Episcopalian lay pastor from Newport-on-Tay in Fife, hopes to spread the word of God by appealing to fans of the science fiction series.
If all oppression comes from Western men, it becomes logical to try weakening them as much as possible. If you do, a paradise of peace and equality awaits us at the other side of the rainbow. Well congratulations to Western European women. You’ve succeeded in harassing and ridiculing your own sons into suppressing many of their masculine instincts. To your surprise, you didn’t enter a feminist Nirvana, but paved the way for an unfolding Islamic hell.  
It was difficult to post a paragraph that properly reflected the flavor of this long Scandinavian essay. Although somewhat alarmist, it's an interesting read.
Saddam's cartoon torture
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TOPPLED dictator Saddam Hussein is being tormented in jail – by being forced to watch HIMSELF in South Park.  
The evil tyrant is portrayed in the movie version of the cult cartoon as the Devil’s gay lover.