‘I have this hit. This is going to be good! Nearly three million streams on Spotify!’ And then my check came, and it was for seventeen dollars and seventy-two cents. That’s when I was, like, ‘What the fuck?’
New York times crosswords + data mining = interesting information on words.

I have always thought that the Challenger astronauts died because of the explosion. I was wrong.

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The classic rock legend succumbed to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis, and Pneumonia.

If John Scott was good, then voting for him at all wouldn't be a story. But John Scott is bad, so watching him skyrocket to the top of the vote totals was admittedly hilarious. The All-Star Game is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and so, of course, it became the target of a joke. Scott just happened to be the punchline.

La la, why don't you get a job? Oh, sorry Mister Holland. Right this way, sir.

Why you hate Comic Sans
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It's not "holy crap this is awful" - it's clarity around why it's awful.

As I have to edit a CLIENT FACING DOCUMENT written in this font today, I feel the need to share.

Interesting - they're stealth educational apps.

Just go with it. You'll be left speechless.

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It's Six from Blossom. Still acting...

The full network will install more than 7,500 public hubs throughout the city, each replacing a pre-existing phone booth. Once completed, the hubs will also include USB device charging ports, touchscreen web browsing, and two 55-inch advertising displays. The city estimates that ads served by the new hubs will generate more than $500 million in revenue over the next 12 years.  
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The SOS (Save Our Snoopies) Beagle Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of beagles by sheltering homeless or abandoned dogs and adopting them to loving homes.  
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RIP Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters, dead at the age of 83.
Sometimes you hear on the news about weird medical conditions that actually cause more sex than normal. And when you hear about the poor dude whose condition caused him to have sex with 300 women you think, hell, how do I catch that shit?  
But these conditions are kind of like eating at Taco Bell. It may sound awesome in theory, but personal experience may leave you with internal bleeding.  
(As only Cracked can do it ... it does apply, I think, to theme day.)  
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