Bacon Cupcakes
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Title says it all. They look rather good!  
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On August 15th a corporately-owned athlete by the name of Michael Phelps participated in a 100-meter Butterfly finals race at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was heavy favorite to win this race, despite losing the same race in qualifying session against someone who is, in an ignorant world we live in today, commonly refered to as "some guy", but who in the world of competitive swimming is actually the "big fish" by the name of Milorad Cavic. The world's media attention turned toward Phelps expecting him to tie Mark Spitz' 36-year-old record. But, as it turned out, Michael Phelps did not start this race as expected. At the 50-meter mark he was only 7th out of 8th participants. Milorad Cavic led the race from start to finish, including at the 50-meter mark. Toward the end of the race, it appeared that Phelps closed on Cavic's lead, but still could not manage to beat him. The eyes of all the spectators in the aquatic center in Beijing, as well as those millions around the world, clearly saw that Milorad Cavic has won the race. Televised replays from all the different angles, including the one from underwater cameras, clearly showed that Cavic was the fist one to touch the wall. Television replays also showed Michael Phelps' coach Bob Bowman disappointedly muttering: "He's got him."  
tin foil hats for all!
Baby's First Internet
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A silly meme-filled kid's story.  
Do not stop to think or edit,  
you must be the first who said it.
A rare creature, persecuted and hunted to near-extinction in its native Madagascar, has been born at Bristol Zoo.  
His name is short for Razafindranriatsimaniry - a Malagasy name meaning "son of a Prince or noble man who envies nobody".
SeeqPod Music beta
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Currently in Beta, SeeqPod's first consumer site empowers users by allowing them to search and discover audio and video all over the Web. Our intelligent software robots work with targeted crawling systems to auto-submit links to content to the search index. This, combined with user URL submissions, results in a large and rich search and discovery index. This process can be viewed in real-time via the PodCrawler here and here  
SeeqPod has provided public access to its technologies through a SeeqPod Media Search, Recommendation and Discovery Services (SMSRDS), REST-based API. The SMSRDS API enables general search engines and third-party developers to easily integrate SeeqPod technologies into social networks, ad networks, and other consumer applications to improve their user's experience in new and novel ways.
Bacon Cheese Baconburger
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Nearly a year has passed since I made the mistake of making Bacon Cereal. It was my most popular creation yet and even got me a radio interview with our friends in Canada. I'd like to say I've grown wiser and matured in those past months, but you wouldn't be reading this if I had. I struggled for months wondering how I could possibly top Bacon Cereal. It can't be done, I thought. Not possible. Then it finally hit me: A bacon burger. No, not a hamburger with bacon on it, but a burger whose base is ground bacon instead of ground beef. It's often been said that there's a fine line between genius and insanity. I think I've blurred that line this time around.
lolcat translator
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lolcat is a made up language that is said to be spoken by fluffy animals such as pets. Your vet won't have heard of it, because it's not real - animals can't talk. But if they could, wouldn't you love to know how to communicate with them? Or maybe you just want to speak lolcat because it's funny. Give it a try! U mite liek it?  
'im in da sistam, improovin ur tranlashun'
Hai! Teh blessigs of teh ceiling cat b pwn u, lol!  
This is a new translation wiki to get the entire Bible translated into kitty pidgin (the language of lolcats). I saw a link to a picture with this done to Genesis and thought, "Why not the whole damned book?" Well, here is that effort. Below are links to books of the Bible. They will be further broken down into chapters.  
Translate a chapter! Translate a verse! Every little bit helps. Maybe one day we will have the entire Bible translated. If you would like an example of good lolcat Bible translating, look at Job 1. Have fun with it, be a bit loose on the translation.  
After all, the Bible has already been literally translated several times. Time for our interpretation.
LOLcat-ificaton of the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".  
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Let's talk about lolcats. Lolcats, or cat macros, are a subset of image macros. They're pictures of cats with captions typed across them. In essence they're the "Hang In There Baby" posters gone feral.  
A number of sites collect lolcat pictures, among them I Can Has Cheezburger and Meme Cats. If you browse through those sites, you’ll quickly get a feel for how lolcats work. If you’re inspired to make your own, remember: use Impact or Arial Black, and put a black outline around white letters.  
While this is nice and all, I quickly realized that there are no long-form lolcat works. The closest is Spatch’s wonderful Cat Town, and it’s only a relative to lolcats. That set my fevered brain to spinning: what would a lolcat story look like? What if lolcats had a TV channel? What kind of shows would be on it?  
The answer is clear: they would show Star Trek.
Click for a demonstration:  
* Commodore  
* Splat  
* CLI  
* CLI2  
* Conventional  
All of these themes except "Conventional" which is a hack of Classic can be found on  
Posted mostly due to the incredible c64 theme. You even type in your commands!
Charlie the Unicorn
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Purple Unicorn: Hey, Charlie… Hey Charlie wake up  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, You silly sleepy head wake up!  
Charlie: Oh god you guys.This better be pretty freakin’ important. Is the meadow on fire?  
Purple Unicorn: No Charlie, We found a map to Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain Charlie.  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie! It will Be an adventure! We’re going on an adventure Charlie.  
Charlie: YEAH! Candy Mountain right…I’m just gunna you know… Go back to sleep now.  
Purple Unicorn: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Charlie!!! you have to come with us to Candy Mountain  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, Candy Mountain… It’s a land of sweets and joy! Come join us!  
Charlie: Please stop bouncing on me!  
Purple Unicorn: Candy Mountain Charlie!!  
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Candy Mountain  
Charlie: Alright Fine!! I’ll go with you to Candy Mountain!  
Possibly one of the most hilarious videos to ever circulate the intertubes.
The US government has a new website, It's another attempt at scare mongering in the style of the old "duck and cover" advice after WWII.  
The fun thing is that these pictures are so ambiguous they could mean anything! Here are a few interpretations.
To those worried about downloading in case they get sued: by our calculations, your chances of getting nailed are way less than your chances of winning the lottery. Don't think twice about it.  
To all intellectual property landlords: we are aware that OscarTorrents might annoy you -- but contain your righteous indignation for a while, and think: we're only linking to torrents that already exist. Face it: your membrane has burst, and it wasn't us who burst it. Your precious bodily fluids are escaping.  
You haven't beaten us, so why not join us? Think of a new business model that doesn't involve overpriced pieces of plastic and skanky cinemas hawking cheap carbohydrates while relying on $6/hr projectionists who can't keep a film in focus -- not to mention insulting your audiences by (to pick a few examples) surveilling us with nightvision glasses, searching bags, 30 minutes of commercials and bombarding us with ridiculous anti-piracy propaganda. Take a look at yourselves. Is it really any wonder we're winning?
If we were to call you a 'spoony bard', how would you take it? Would you laugh it off knowingly? Or would you tell us to lay off the crack? For fans of the Final Fantasy series, that expression is the stuff of campfire lore, on par with some of the great gaming catchphrases of our time.  
However, twelve games in (or more than 20, if you count spin-offs, portable versions and semi-sequels), the series still remains veiled and intimidating for some gamers. How can a series span so many iterations of consoles, break past the language barrier and still come out with core games that rank amongst some of the finest of all time? Welcome to the evolution of the Final Fantasy series - a crash course through what has made Square Enix's series so loved and longed for by fans all over the world, and how Final Fantasy XII represents the culmination of almost two decades of sterling gameplay and design.