Which is more annoying?
Assholes with obnoxiously loud car stereo systems
Assholes with car alarms
dwharbin: Honestly,,,how can one choose,,,the obnoxiousness is just to profound.
stereos are worse
mumkin: sure, car alarms are annoying, but they're meant to be loud and get attention; as long as the owner is nearby and disarms it quickly, i'm ok with that. the owner isn't (hopefully) choosing to wake the neighborhood with false alarms -- i'm sure he'd be pleased if it never went off except when the car was actually being broken into. we have a lot of automobile crime in my town, so the desire for an alarm is understandable.  
annoyingly loud stereos, on the other hand... that's done with intent. the owner is right there, cranking it up until his car's panels rattle with the infra-sound of his strategically placed subwoofers. there's no question that he's well aware that his music is imposing itself on others unbidden. it's a purely self-centered behavior, undiluted by respect for others or a sense of mutual obligation. an understandable failing in teenagers, reprehensible in adults.
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