Toilet Paper
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The premium, ultra-soft stuff. No matter how broke I am, I have to have the best toilet paper
Bah.. whatever is on sale.
only the very best for youknowwhat ...
johnny2000: at the lowest price available ...  
in austria we got an online portal for bargain hunters of goods for daily living, which i look up once a week for the latest offers, i'm livin' very central with good access to all the big discount chains
I only buy recycled TP (insert joke whose punchline hinges on a confusion of reuse and recycling here). Why do I need to wipe with paper made from trees when I can use paper made from paper instead?
fabulon7: I can't stand Recycled toilet paper -- it's too crappy.  
There. Happy?
GhettoBodhi: what a shitty attitude
ortenzia caviglia: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Hugh2d2: There is one thing you should never scrimp on. Toilet paper. And peanut butter.  
Ok, there are two things you should never scrimp on. Toilet paper and peanut butter. And cheese. Never scrimp on cheese.  
So that makes three, three things you should never scrimp on...