Got Any Plans For Valentine's Day?
Posted by fb- 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Something planned, I'm going out...
Something planned, we're cooking/staying in
No plans, I'm home alone...
No plans, but I'm going out alone anyway..
My significant other and I don't do Valentine's day
Something planned, I'm going out...
mumkin: ... except that really nothing's planned. But I am going out with the SO -- it's just that I haven't gotten around to thinking about it. Thanks for reminding me :)
vinfille: Teaching a class until 9 pm. Bleah.
Avoid the rip-offs
rocketman: We'll stay in and give each other a card or a kiss. We truly resent over crowded restaurants and their 'valentines day' menus, set fees, set prices, and set meals. Takes the romance out, but mainly we love enough already not to need a day to do something just so we can tell everyone else we did.