Is Orlando Bloom hot?
Posted by Darwish 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
shigpit: But if he is, he can surely afford air conditioning.
glitch p-udding: he's the prettiest girl i've ever seen.
I voted no...
Nik: I voted no, but have no fucking idea who Orlando Bloom is. Keep that possibility in mind, next time, by adding a "Who?" option to the poll.
But don't worry, baby, you're hotter.
Darwish: The answer is no.
boots: He's "Man-pretty"
smith: I didn't used to think so, because I could only picture him next to Johnny Depp in Pirates. And lets face it, by comparison, no one is hot standing next to The Hotness himself. Then I saw the preview for Kingdom of Heaven and I thought..."Hey, that guy's hot. Who is he?'s Orlando Bloom. Huh." Yep. That's what I thought.
clu: He's so dreamy.
smith:'re dreamy.
FuzzyDave: Get a room you two.  
oh wait.  
you already got one.
fabulon7: Go to your room, you two.
ultrafastx: Rowr!