Should Linkfilter ever have an XP reset? If so, when?
Posted by potatono 16 years ago, closed 16 years ago
Yes, at the end of this year
Yes, at the end of every year
Yes, when 3.0 is released sometime in the year 2020
Never! You take-a my XP, I break-a your face!
Some other bizarre answer posted in the comments
clu: I could care less about XP at this point. But I do like all the abilities that go along with it, like posting journals and polls. If an XP reset meant I would have to earn these functions again, well, I probably wouldn't bother. As is, I'm at a point where I don't need to compete by posting a million crappy links, only the ones I feel are worth while.
ultrafastx: I feel the same as clu. I'm attached to the abilities that go along with my XP.

ortenzia caviglia: I worked so hard for my XP!!!
not sure if anyone cares about XP anymore
bear: that would actually be quite funny, I don't know why, even the playing field a bit on the old timers.
millermeteor75: These are my points,There are many points like mine, But these points are mine. Not really, I'd just start over like everyone else.
Option of XPs
kid-ney: I think it gives order,ranking,placement,that sort of thing and as for crappy links "one man's garbage is another man's treasure."
XP reset
jones: I actually really like the idea...i'd like to have to do it all over again. I miss levelling up. also, it would be interesting to see how fast Fuzzydave soars to the top of the Top Users list. ;)
ultrafastx: well, I think there's a problem with the XP required for leveling up above Lvl 20. If you look at going from Lvl 21 to 22, it requires doubling your XP, and is the largest requirement for leveling up. It's like hitting the proverbial brickwall, and the incentive to post, comment, journal for XP is really diminished. This is why there is a big bottle neck of users stuck at Lvl 21. Maybe p-no and glitch did this on purpose, but honestly, I don't understand the point.

I would much rather see some sort of constant scaling (like 100*n^2 XP required to level up, where n is your level) and the levels go up indefinately. Then, you know if someone is level 50 or 99, they're a real badass. =)

clu: I've also been having similar thoughts... If there is going to be a reset of XP, this might be a good time to completely rework the system.

No XP earned from Journal posts, but still cost CP

Users who have earned abilities can retain them, still costs them CP, but gain no XP until they reach the proper level

Levels, CP work Exponentially

Person loses CP if a repost is caught, and a reward goes to the finder (might as well make it a game)

The more links you post a day, the less XP you make per each new link.

Limit 1 poll per person a day, or wait 3 polls. Which ever comes last.

Find a system that inspires good posts over quantity.