When did you last use your Floppy?
Posted by glitch p-udding 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
in the last month
in the last 3 months
in the last 6 months
in the last year
over a year
over 3 years
now that i have viagra, i don't ever have to use my floppy again
cornpone: all the time. my digital camera takes floppys.
jtown: Today. "Oh...your computer isn't on the network. Got a flash drive. Oh...you're running NT4. I'll find a floppy."
Red Flag
FrokeOut: I keep an old 9600 at work, because invariably, I get folks bringing in floppies. Usually the ones who aren't so good with email and that other new-fangled stuff (like whatever I'm taking off this floppy).
deathburger: All these testaments from people who use floppies? I could swear that someone was telling me that it's a dead technology though. Must have been my imagination.
clu: Are you talking about this thread? The one where you said "I use my floppy constantly.. I guess it's the difference between using a computer and having one."