Champthon reign as poll master as gone
Posted by humandoing 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
i will be back
never been away
i am champthom.
cornpone: eh?
humandoing: ok, i confess to posting a poll and then because i am completly wasted. cant rememb what ia saidr
thatmikeykid: been there, done that.
Kassi42: !! humandoing posted a poll ' Champthon reign as poll master as gone'.  
!! lagbnaft posted a poll 'Do you have a "best" recipe?'.  
Kassi42> humandoing?  
Kassi42> didn't get that poll, but I've never been a y  
Kassi42> so I voted that...  
Hornpipe2> haha  
Substandard> "never been a y" is winning!!!  
!! humandoing posted a poll ' Champthon reign as poll master has gone'.  
Substandard> away?  
!! Nsixqatsi is around.  
!! Kassi42 posted a poll 'Have you ever been a Y?'.  
Substandard> lol, Kassi  
!! Hornpipe2 posted a poll 'Where as you gone?'.  
Substandard> lol  
Substandard> YOU MUST NONSENSE:  
!! nenequesadilla is around.  
Kassi42> I need to go a Y for a few minutes for a ciggie  
Kassi42> I'll BRB  
Substandard> I'm gonna stay right R.
I hate Champthon
SpearmintFur: That Hong Kong ripoff bastard who soils my good name by selling Sqmy and Penasonic batteries.  
Now as for me, ChampthoM, I might be losing my touch but with 1200+ polls here, I am the "Grand Poll Poobah."
deathburger: Was your father called Big Mac? (Toxic Avenger reference, hope I didn't screw it up)