YOU MUST OFFEND. The most offensive team name
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
Atlanta Braves
Florida State Seminoles
Cleveland Indians
University of Illinios Fighting Illini
The Macon Whoopie (Real Team)
University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux
Washington Redskins
Oregon State Beavers
University of Hawaii Rainbows
Other ( Please list)
rover77: nice poll
this poll gets a 10
thatmikeykid: "If You Own the Washington Redskins You're a Cock"  
-Atom and his package
Listen to it.  
I like sports  
There are some things I force myself to miss  
like I never met an athlete I like in hockey  
in Texas when it comes to native American nickname teams  
Even within the contents of sports it's awful and mean  
and you'll go wah wah wah you're so PC  
and i will say hey wait my my my how have the table turns to be a fucking prick is a desirable trait  
while we're on the subject of changing team names there's no jazz in Utah  
and few lakes in LA just this once give me the  
benefit of the doubt the Bullets became the Wizards to pilots get out  
and you'll go wa wa wa you're so PC  
and i will say hey wait remind me again how it came to be  
that being a stupid american is a desirable trait  
wouldn't that be offensive if we cheered  
"rah rah rah for the Carolina negroes with a beat box cheer and a big foam afro"  
the Minnesota Vikings became the New York kikes with dollar bills on their helmets  
cause thats what they're like ya know  
Atom: What about the Saints, Angels, Padres, you ain't got the same thing for Christians that's offending you  
When there's a Jesus Christ mascot dog shooting crucifixes  
they nail to a cross dying to save the team  
you'll be right, you'll be right but until then you're not right  
so what's your take on Washington redskins  
what's your take on the Cleveland Indians  
what's your take on Washington redskins  
what's your take on the Cleveland Indians  
Horpy SpoonDigger: Mikey, I tend to take the team mascot issue on a team by time basis. I think some are absolutely no question offensive and gotta go. i.e The Redskins. Redskins is a Racial slure for gods sakes. I think others are not offensive at all. For Example. There is a Red Lake High School in our state on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. They call themselves the Red Lake Warriors. Totally acceptable in my book. If the Mascot is santioned or deemed acceptable by the Tribe or peoples it represents then I don't have a problem. Florida State has express written permission by the Florida Seminole Tribe call themselves the Seminoles. I can't argue with it. I also don't have a problem with the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. They Tend to be pretty respectful and have a real reverance for what the Sioux tribe stands for. The fighting Illini on the other hand. I can't get behind that one. Their Chief Illini is a Mockery.
thatmikeykid: To be honest, I don't really feel strongly about it either way. If humans could just learn to listen to each other and do the right thing (according to popular opinion) this wouldn't even be an issue.  
I was just happy to have an excuse to link to a good tune that relates.:)
LinusMines: Being in DC, I'm down with it. Thanks for the tune, mikey.
AB: The Atlanta Crackers.
Geez, poot. How'd they miss this one?
Horpy SpoonDigger:  
Ahhh. The Birds and the Bees.
dwharbin: The Huckabee High Child Raping Wife Beaters:)