Which most closely describes your views of the War on Terrorism?
Posted by Bud Tugly 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
Realist : I understand it is a kill or be killed proposition. We must aggressively hunt down and kill terrorists and their sponsors, while working to tame Islamicist tendencies by fostering democratic institutions, open economies, and rule of law.
Apologist : We brought 9/11 on ourselves by our thuggish, zionist policies. America must be defeated or severely weakened so that it cannot dictate it's racist policies to the world.
Appeaser : We cannot be the world's policeman. We should completely disengage from that part of the world, concentrate on domestic security, and hope for the best.
How's about . . .
tomcat101147: My government scares me.  
Good for you?
Bud Tugly:  
"What'dar ya? Chicken?"
No dice. Re-Framimg has jumped the shark.
reapre: You are a consummate fucktard.  
For a more polite and reasoned selection of comments on the abject wrong-headedness of your political naivete, please refer to my multitude of linkfilter posts that negate and/or humiliate you and your ridiculous right-wing worldview.  
reapre: That title should read "Re-Framing", instead of whatever typo I typed instead.  
As an addendum, and to expand on the main criticism levelled in my subject line: Please don't bother to try to frame the issue using terminology comforting to a right-wing worldview.  
The people who read the 'filter do not conform to everything they read. Instead, we think about what we read. We apply critical analyses to the views presented. We question and we prod. Expect plenty more prodding. Have a nice day.
deathburger: None of the above. Loaded questions are ruining 'Mericuh.
Nik: I would say yes, hunt down the terrorists. And do so by invading the correct country. I'd heard Americans are bad at geography, but this is ridiculous.  
None of the above.
shigpit: Because Islam is at its core a very peaceful religion. Fundamentalism in any form -- Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Wiccans -- is harmful to a secular society.  
Step up security yes. Attack others because they happen to be similar to the ones that attacked you, maybe not.